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by Drakin
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #1770993
The place to be for fat furs and expanded creatures of all kinds.

The place to be for fat furs and expanded creatures of all kinds.

This is an interactive story containing 242 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is a resurrection / tribute to one of my favorite interactive stories of all time done by NackFourTails AKA Michael Setzer. Unfortunately the original has been destroyed. However I plan to remake it bigger and better than ever here. If you like this at all, please add, please help this story grow.

#1 - No gore or death. Characters should not be killed if at all possible. If, for example, you plan on having a plot revolving around mafia-esq characters who might be assumed to be killing others, keep such events off screen and not described in more detail than necessary. So short of adding drama to the plot, death should not factor in for the main character if at all possible.

#2 - Keep vore to a minimum. This might be a city of fat furs but I'm assuming most get that way by eating food, not others. I have Vore listed as minimal because there are other more interesting ways of voring individuals that could be used. Either way, for whatever reason, voring does not kill characters here.

#3 - No short posts. Any post added must be a minimum of three paragraphs or approximately two hundred and fifty words. Which is not as hard as some might think. Longer posts will be greatly appreciated though.

#4 – Give everyone an out. All chapters should have two options at the very least. Give everyone a chance to follow the story you want to see and a way to escape that path if they want.

#5 – Keep the flow. Everyone is entitled to interject their own ideas, however do not suddenly stop a story line for no reason to start a new one. So if there's a character given super powers, don't just suddenly strip them from him for some arbitrary reason and dump him somewhere to start your story. See point 4. If everyone is given an 'out' then everyone will get the chance for the story they want.

#6 – Keep the focus towards Weight Gain and Inflation of various kinds. Transformation can play a part too, as well as other changes, but WG and Inflation should be the main subjects of interest of the city for the most part.

#8 – Use of cubs/kits. I'm all for seeing fat child furs in such stories and making them fatter. But while adult situations might happen in this interactive, pre-teen furs are off limits save for expansions of various kinds. There should be NO INSTANCES OF YIFFING WITH CHILD FURS!

#9 – Oviposition or egg-laying. Some furs like being expanded with hundreds of eggs, and I will allow this. However. All eggs laid must be infertile and not be destined to hatch into hundreds of babies. If having children is to be part of the story keep the number to a minimal amount no matter how many eggs are involved.

#10 – Lastly, have fun with this. This is a world to expand upon and grow huge with creative ideas. The rules above are guidelines rather than strict 'do not cross' guardrails. However, take note of each since anything falling into such categories may be removed if it is deemed inappropriate in one form or another. Such actions will not happen without the author being told though and giving them a chance to correct their chapter. Any abuse or rude behavior, including mean spirited posting, will be removed without such notification though, so 'play nice'.
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