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One day Dan discovers he has the power! (offering 100 gp for good additions)
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Chapter 2

Through a Dream

    by: Hamhelth123   More by this author
"Daniel... Dan..."
"Whoa, where am I?" said Dan. All around there was a white void and he could see no one, but he was sure that he had heard a voice.
"Welcome, Dan" echoed the mysterious voice.
"What's going on? Who are you? Where am I?" replied Dan. Suddenly the scene shifted and Dan was once again in his room, now laying on his bed.
"I hope this is more comfortable. I am a guide, Dan. I am here to explain things to you." replied the voice.
"Why now? What are you to explain?" said Dan. Normally, he would think this was a practical joke, but something told him that this was real.
"Dan, you have been given a gift of extraordinary power. I am here to warn you and advise you, you may do as you please with these powers, but should you change to much time will correct itself and you will be eliminated."
"What powers, what are you talking about?"
"Young Dan, when the time comes your powers will activate themselves. Now continue your life and enjoy this wonderful gift." said the voice as it slowly faded into the nothingness that it was. As it left, Dan felt sleep overcome him as he lay down to continue his night's rest.
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