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ranma's curse gets tweeked and it causes more problems than normal
Chapter 1

here's ranma

    by: Jusenkyo   More by this author
it was an ordinary day at the tendo house hold, so natraly ranma, and ryoga were fighting in the front yard.

"ranma prepare to die." ryoga shouted as he swung to wich ranma ducked and punted him into the pond and out crawled a wet black piglet.

"ranma what did you do to p-chan!" akane shouted before malleting him into the ground and walking away. after ranma picked himself off the ground he heard a little bell and then got a face full of boob.

"ne how ranma" shampoo said after relesing him from the glomp " grate grandmother have good news, ranma, we find cure." she said draging him in the direction of the cat cafe'. when they arived cologn, the witherd rasin of an amazon elder, hopped twords him.

"well son in law looks like you came for the cure." she stated

ranma rolled his eyes " yha and whats the catch, do i hafta marry shampoo to get it." he said

'not this time sonny boy" cologne said " but this one may cause more problems than it solves."

ranma coulden't beleve it cologne giving somthing for free. "i don't care as long as i don't hafta be a girl no more" he told her and she complyed pulling a small vile of liquid.

"lisen good boy this is water from the dragon spout at jusanko drink it and it could cure you." she said handing the vile to him ranma didint have any second thoughts drinking it.

"well did it work old goul." ranma asked and was immedietly splashed with cold water and in his place was
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