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by SWP
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You are shrunk in an airport.
This choice: You're on the floor, and no one's noticed you shrink. · Go Back...
Chapter 2

Decisions, Decisions

    by: SWP   More by this author
You're not sure what just happened, but you need to act fast. You are in the center of the check-in portion of the airport with a lot of foot-traffic, so you probably can't stay where you are safely. It's a wonder that you are able to stay here unconscious without getting stepped on. You need to form a plan for how you will get help and get back to your normal size.

You're freaking out as a foot crashes only a few feet from you. Calm down, you tell yourself. You look around a see a wall of feet and luggage, each of which threatens to kill you. The foot that almost crushes you is quickly followed by luggage wheels. You just manage to dodge being clipped as the giantess briskly walks by to her flight.

You take a few short breaths and begin to think up a plan. What do you do?
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