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  1. The Beginning
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by nyzxce
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You are a tiny fitness coach at a local gym!
Chapter 1

The Beginning

    by: nyzxce   More by this author
You walk through the doors of the Gym carefully, not wanting to screw up first impressions. You take a moment to take a gaze at the gym, seeing that it has every machine you could think of, all of which are fully up to date. In fact, you can even see a spa/sauna in the back, as well as a indoor pool, a wrestling ring, and finally, tanning booths. You enter a office, right next to the entrance, as instructed. The door was left open. Inside, a tall, fair skined, long-black haired woman with a large pair of breasts and a butt that was protuding a few inches out, dressed in a tank top and gym shorts, was reading a paper. You cried out "Hey, here for the interview!" and she looked down, shocked. "...You're Tim? But...your so small! How could you be a exercise coach?" You say "Well, I'm indestructable, so I could help out in any way!" She sighs, and says "Well, it would be a good gimmick...Alright, your hired."

As she reaches down to sshake your hand, she trips and falls, breasts first, onto you. She gets up and clutches her head, then looks down and see you crushes on the top of her breast. She freaks out "Ohgodikilledhim" for a minute, but you slowly inflate and pop back up. She looks at you in awe for a second, then lightly luaghs, and says "Huh, that's a pretty handy talent I bet at your size! Well, to start with..."
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