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Long ago the human race lived in fear of beings now consigned to myth.
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Chapter #2

Shadow of the Centaur

    by: Benway69
Mary's world was destroyed, she was overwhelmed by the taste and stench of the centaur's sex, her jaws aching as her best friend dutifully milked it's thick shaft into her mouth. Her hand gripped the centaur's huge girth, her wedding ring providing extra stimulation to it. Tears filled her eyes as she thought of her husband and she was glad he didn't know about this. Each of the six conquering monsters visiting today had eight village women to attend to their 'needs' overseen by one of the hated pony-girls, human servants of the occupiers. All terrified out of their minds, It was Beth's function to bring it to climax, hers to provide a hole to cum into. Her sister, Hilly massaged and licked the huge ball sac. Anne, Sarah, Rosy and Jill were hard at work stroking the powerful legs and cleaning the huge dirty hooves with their tongues, while Annabelle was having her head ground between the monster's sweaty flanks by the overseer. And worst were the weakening animal-like sobs and screams of Emily, her daughter, and the sounds of biting chewing and swallowing as the monster ate her as it chatted to it's fellows, commenting that it's meat was a little stringy but would tide him over. Pre-cum filled her mouth forcing her to swallow. Across the room were screams as centaurs used other holes than the mouth.

Nylanos tore another mouthful of warm milky white flesh from the squirming little animal and chewed as he began to relax. It was the only great flaw in the otherwise perfection of his people, he thought, that there were so many parts of their bodies they were unable to reach. So it was good that nature, as always, had provided the solution in the form of these useful little animals, which could be so easily trained to provide bodily cleansing and relief, as well as nourishment.

The males of the species had been more aggressive, but easily culled down to a bare breeding population and the females were parasites, though useful ones, as well as a food source, the tiny fragile creatures loved crawling about the bodies of centaurs and eagerly fed on their excess semen, urine, sweat, excrement and whatever they could lick from their hooves and in the process cleaned the centaurs' bodies and provided sexual release.They had needed some training to hone those instincts, but even now he could feel one of the small parasites beginning to lick clean his anus, which had felt itchy and uncomfortable since he last defacated. He released the air from his bowels, noting with satisfaction that the animal there barely paused in it's work. He snorted as he began to ejaculate, feeding another little parasite and easing the ache in his balls.

The pony-girl had shifted her attention to Mary and now held her head in place as she struggled in terror, centaur semen pumping into her mouth, her throat, running down her chin and spurting out of her nose drowning her. She couldn't breathe! The huge penis head filled her mouth, stretching her lips tight and the strong hands of the pony-girl held her head in place preventing her from escaping as flood after flood of centaur semen exploded into her suffocating body. Her head swam, her lungs screamed as she was filled with the horrifying slime; she was dying; she stopped being a person and was just part of a god's orgasm.

Finally she was released and collapsed to the floor trailing strings of sperm up to the giant cockhead, shaking, wretching and gasping for air. "If you don't keep it down you will have to be broken in" said the pony-girl quietly and Mary struggled to obey, feeling her stomsch, throat and mouth full of ... It was worse for poor Annabelle who was desperately struggling not to vomit as she licked out their tormentor's rectum, forbidden to spit.

His food finished, Nylanos dropped the carcass and ground it into the dirt with his right fiore-hoof. he had the trainer gather the animals apart from the rearmost under his softening penis. He sighed as he relaxed, feeling his bladder empty as he marked them with his scent.

Heedless of the tiny mouth on his rectum he voided his bowels next, not caring about the small creature he buried under his steaming foeces. The crying and piss soaked Beth was assigned to Annabelle's old job.

After the centaurs finally left, the shell-shocked survivors, naked and humiliated, had to come to terms with the cost of this visit. Most crying, many staring blankly in shock and some screaming. Two young women had been disemboweled by centaur anal sex. Another was crushed into the top of the mating platform she'd been tied to. The two youngest and smallest had been eaten. Another's head had been crushed under a centaur's hoof as she was licking it. Six dead out of fifty two and many injuries. They didn't yet know if anybody who had been forced to consume centaur foeces or hoof dirt would die of disease and several girls were being violently sick. Four had been judged 'spirited' and had been taken away to be 'broken in'. Only forty two left.

The centaurs headed away from the village, the rest stop already drifting out of their minds as they looked forward to reaching camp.
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