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What would you do, with your own Neko?
Chapter 1

The Beginning

    by: ThatHiddenPerson   More by this author
          You have always been a cat person. You have always begged your mother for one and she never had the time to go out and get one for you. That made you sad, but you never gave up on getting one. When you were 17, and had enough money to go out and get one of the kittens at the nearby pet store, you went. You would not have passed up a chance like that. While you were in the pet store, you found a wide variety of the snugly creatures, which made your eyes sparkle with joy. The only problem was, you could only have 1 of these magnificent pets.

          As you browsed the different kittens at the pet store, you found one that you really like, and brought it to the store clerk. As you exchanged a few words and paid for the kitten, the store clerk said something unusual underneath his breath. "Picked a rare one there." You had no idea what he meant, but you continued on your way home and never thought about it twice. Now, you're 19 years old and some strange things have been happening around your apartment, of late. You, being you, searched for the cause of these occurrences.
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