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  1. An ordinary evening at home
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What happens when your little brother suddenly became huge?
Chapter 1

An ordinary evening at home

    by: Big Boy   More by this author
It was early in the evening and Nate was ready to kick back and relax. The 6’1”dark haired Mediterranean 16 year old had had a good workout, a nice filling dinner and was now looking forward to watching some TV.

Suddenly two small, skinny pair of arms wrapped around Nate’s neck, trying to pull him down, but Nate simply laughed as he stood up, dragging his attacker on his back around. After a few steps around the room, he reached back, grabbed the person on him and threw him on the couch and pinned him down before he could give up.

“Alright, I give up!” Chris said, struggling to break free, but he was no match against Nate’s superior strength.

Nate laughed as he finally let his brother go. Chris was a short and skinny twelve year old with an adorable face, dark hair like Nate but was only 4’2” and 70 lbs. wet. “Come on, you’re making this too easy.”

Chris pouted, and then grinned. “You won’t be able to pin me down as easy once I get bigger than you.”’

“Yea, yea, no matter how big you grow you’ll always be the same shrimp to me.” Nate laughed as he roughly rubbed the top of Chris’s head.

Chris just grinned back. Normally he’d just get angry over being called a shrimp, but it didn’t bother him because…
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