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We all love Rouge but we love her more when she expands
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Chapter 2

She grows tall to a giantess

    by: Stretch   More by this author
It was the cover of darkness that kept Rouge undetected from human eyes as she silently glided over the countryside. As always, she had that uncontrollable urge for acquiring gems. "Gems" she thought to herself. "Gems, my one true love, how cruel the universe is that you aren't more plentiful". Suddenly noticing how stupid her thoughts sounded, she decided she needed a break from her quest and landed near a large wooden barn.

Walking up to the oversized barn doors, she noticed large letters painted on the door. "BGH Testing Area - Keep the fuck out".

Well, that seems pretty straight forward, she thought out loud. Still, what does BGH stand for? Perhaps big gem handlers? Yes, that must be it! Big gem handlers must be some new invention of Robotnik's and where there are big gem handlers, there must be big gems. Well, I'm heading in to get a look.

Rouge flew upwards and landed on the edge of the open vent above the doors. The dimly lit barn was filled with standard equipment one would expect to find on any average dairy farm.

"What the fuck" thought Rouge. I go out of my way to steal shit and all I find is farming equipment? Who the fuck is writing this shit?

So what does BGH stand for anyway?
Where will this interactive story go?

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1.   Big Gem Handlers

2.   Bovine Growth Hormones *

3.   Butt Growth Hormones *

4.   Bat Growth Hormones *

5.   Boob Growth Hormones *

* indicates the next chapter is blank and needs to be created.
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