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by CandaK
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All the women around you know how much you want their ass and they are willing to give
Chapter 1


    by: CandaK   More by this author
As you wake up, you remember the amazing dream you had. Women with the greatest asses you had every seen were all trying to get you. They all took turns doing everything they could to you and you loved it. As expected, you have morning wood from this.

'That was great' you thought, 'I wish someone would take care of this.'

You look around your room and see all of the amazing girls butts on the posters you hung. About a dozen in all, no two were the same and it looked amazing. You start jerking off and feel ready to cum when........
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You have the following choices:

1.   Your girlfriend knocks on the door

2.   Your mom walks in

3.   Your wife comes in

4.   You get a call from your boss

5.   You see something interesting out your window

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