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  1. Getting Some Sleep
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You are Allen who is a few inches tall and at constant war with his normal sized sister
Chapter 1

Getting Some Sleep

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You stare up peacefully at your ceiling as you try to fall asleep. You are on a small square piece of "memory foam mattress" that was sent as a sample in the mail. It was very comfortable but more importantly it is the only bed that can survive your sister. You tuck yourself in tightly with a hanker chief and lay your head back down on your cotton ball "pillow". Your body was sore all over after the day you just had.

This morning started in your favor as you played a prank on your sleeping sister. Like always it started a chain reaction of your sister getting back at you and you getting revenge and so on. As usual you took way more damage than your sister. It has been this way for as long as you can remember. You both loved each other very much but you loved to mess with each other even more. You were both almost always together and engaged in these playful (usually painful for you) fights all day. If anyone was looking for you they knew to check either your room or Christine's first. If that didn't work they knew they needed to check the bottom of Christine's foot or ask her to stand up to see if you were being sat on.

You were looking forward to tomorrow. Your cousin Jennifer was coming over and she said she had big news for you guys. Usually it just meant that she was gonna stay over for a week but this time seemed different. You talked to her earlier this week and she told you that she managed to get your sister into a great college in California. Your sister has been wanting to move out to California ever since Jennifer got an apartment there. It seemed far more exciting that the small town you were in now. While you were happy for your sister you were a bit sad that she will leave you behind. Because of your size you didn't really try to make friends so you just stayed with your sister. You couldn't possible get a job and move out and because your mom was divorced and working overseas most of the time you were gonna be all alone. You shook off those thoughts and soon fell asleep. The next day you wake up and...
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