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Follow Mark Stevens as he uses a strange device to swap with others

Follow Mark Stevens as he uses a strange device to swap with others

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Created in by Some Random Person in conjunction with their good friend Hidden in a Box. If you like anime based stories, be sure to check out his version as well.

Main Characters:
Mark Stevens - The story protagonist. 16 years old. Average guy, enjoys video games. Being the only boy in the only boy in the house, he doesn't always get along with his three sisters.

Angela Thomas - One of Mark's best friends, and neighbor. Can be a bit girly, but enjoys hanging out and playing video games with Mark. Mark secretly has a crush on her.
Jack Miller - Mark's other best friend, and other neighbor.

Stevens Family:
Kathy Stevens - 7 years old. Mark's youngest sister. Typical young girly-girl. loves princesses, dolls, ballet, the color pink, and other stereotypical girly things. Likes to annoy Mark.
Rachel Stevens - 13 years old. Mark's younger sister. Reltively shy, and the only one of his sisters that Mark gets along with as neither has any problem with the other. Wears glasses.
Lily Stevens - 18 years old. Mark's older sister. A relatively popular girl at the high school she and Mark go to, and is one of the cheerleaders. Hobbies include shopping for clothes, and is rather vain with how her clothes look. Gets along with Mark the least.
Nancy Stevens - Mark and his sister's single mother.

Thomas Family:
Paul Thomas - 10 years old. Angela's younger brother. Into sports and likes to annoy his sisters, and is a bit of a brat.
Cindy Thomas - 13 years old. Angela's younger sister, and Rachel's best friend.
Irene Thomas - Angela, Cindy, and Paul's mother.
John Thomas - Angela, Cindy, and Paul's father.

Miller Family:
Kelly Miller - 7 years old. Jack's little sister and best friends with Kathy. Just as girly as her.
Joe Miller - Jack and Kelly's father.
Pam Miller - Jack and Kelly's mother.

Feel free to add more characters.
Also feel free to move away from Mark and his family and friends and focus on a different character,

The Super Swapper
-It is a metalic band worn around the wrist. While worn, only those with another Super Swapper can see it. The device is not attatched, and can be taken off.
-Reality adjusts after each swap so that everything seems normal. Swaps are only noticed by those with a Super Swapper. If they take off the Super Swapper, they will still be aware of the the swaps that happened while they wore it, but will not notice any swaps that happen while they don't wear it.
-Swaps are between the user and the target.
-The device has a 5 buttons that correspond to the 5 categories, a screen on it that displays the options for each swap, and 2 arrow buttons to scroll the options on the screen, a button to approve each part of a swap, and the activation button.
-Swaps of any of the 4 categories can be all at once or only one or a few.
-When doing a swap, you select the options before hand, then aim at the target and press the activation button. Whoever it is aimed at when you press the activation button will be swapped with, whether it was the intended target or not.
-When using the Life and Personality options together, if you switch lives with someone, and then switch personalities with that person while still in their life, you will recieve their own original personality instead of the personality of their current life.
-Even though they will be completely aware that the swap happened, switches that affect them meantally such as Personality and certain Life options will have full effect. They will know that they have switched, but how they now act will seem perfectly normal to them.
-The Super Swapper only works on living things, and certain options do not work on animals.
-Very hard impacts, and electrical surges to the device will cause the device to temporarily malfunction, and the device will not always perform the intended swaps and it may choose random options instead. This malfunction does not change how the device works.
-The Super Swapper can not swap with someone else with a Super Swapper without their permission.

Torso - Shirts
Legs - Pants, skirts
Footwear - Shoes, socks
Headwear - Glasses, hats
Underwear - For women, bra also counts as part of this
Accessories - Makeup, jewlery

Clothing swaps do not work on animals

Facial Hair
Body Hair

Body swaps do not work on animals

First Name
Skills - Single, Multiple, or All
Relationships - Friends and/or family - Single, Multiple, or All
Status - Popularity, The way people generally think of you
Occupation - Pertains to work and school - Single, Multiple, or All
Gender - Version 1 makes it so thar it does not actually change their gender, but makes other perceive them as that gender. Version 2 makes it
Age - Does not actually change your age, but makes others perceive you as that age
Possessions - Things you own, other than clothing - Single, Multiple, or All

Interests - Single, Multiple, or All
Mannerisms - Posture, way you walk, way you talk

If you have ideas for extra options, please ask first, and if approved will be added to the list.

No killing off characters
No ending the story
No one option paths. Always leave at least two options
Try to have good grammar.
While its okay in early parts of the story, as it goes on, no one line additions. Try to write at least a paragraph
Keep thing consistent with what happened in the path, and read to make sure you don't contradict things before you post
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