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  1. One of those days....
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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #1832687
One day Cole gets his chance to see how his other lives live.
Chapter 1

One of those days....

    by: CelesteIrving   More by this author
It was one of those days, you hated every moment. The day started out well, until you got to school. When you walked in the door, your mom called saying the dog got ran over.Then at lunch your Amanda wanted to talk, she didn't explain why but she broke up with you, tearing up as she walked away. Not just that, but you had failed a test earlier and would fail 2 more later in the day. By the time you got home, you didn't want to do anything you were so depressed. You skipped out on dinner, your mom tried everything to get you out of your room but nothing worked. It was about 10 at night when you finally said aloud, "I wish I could be someone else....". The Lights shut off, and a glow came from outside your door. It grew more intense as it approached your door. The door flew wide open, a beautiful spirit appeared. Her hair flowed down past her back, her clothes like a roman goddess, she glowed a bright white, illuminating your entire room. She spoke softly, "If you truly wish to be someone else, I will grant it." You nodded in awe. "I will show you how you are living in other dimensions, for I cannot disrupt someone else's life." she seemed to whisper but her voice filled the room. She waved her hand over your bed, 5 items appeared. A hairbrush, a football, a guitar, a gold wristband, and a mysterious box. "Touch one, and view how the you who owns it lives." the spirit said soothingly. Which did you choose?
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1.   The Hairbrush

2.   The Football

3.   The guitar

4.   The gold wristband

5.   The Mysterious Box

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