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  1. Where will the princess go?
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by Zero
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1840594
Princess Kyra journeys into the unknown world, getting caught in ticklish situations.
Chapter 1

Where will the princess go?

    by: Zero   More by this author
Oh, how her father and mother would scold and punish her if they knew about this. Kyra found herself relocated right outside the boundary of the castle where she usually lived in, but now, she was outside in the cold, fresh air, shrouded by the blanket of darkness that the heavens gave. A myriad of stars glittered above, but it was the half-lit moon that shined down its majestic white light on the village below. She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to warm up a bit as she was wearing the same clothes right after she came out of the bathtub. A white, long-sleeved, fur-coated bathrobe around her entire body, secured by a single cloth-made belt tied around her waist.

She sauntered gingerly down the road in her white, fuzzy slippers. Nearly everyone was inside their homes at this time, but there were still lights behind the windows. Her long, dark, freshly-combed hair wavered with the gentle night breeze as she observed the neighboring structures around her. Deep down, she knew this was wrong and would be against her family's will, but that also made it exciting. Keeping secrets and wandering the in dark, not knowing what would happen, the princess already felt the thrill of it.

Now then, let's find a more adventurous place to explore. Where should she head towards?
Where will this interactive story go?

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