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You've built a body switching machine, and now it's time for a test run.

You've built a body switching machine, and now it's time for a test run.

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You're a bit of a mad scientist. Not especially popular or attractive with the ladies, you spend your time in the garage fiddling with your science experiments. All of your past accomplishments are nothing, though, because this time you've created a machine that can literally change lives.

The body switching machine is set up in your garage, fairly open for your family to wander into. In addition to its classic two-pod setup, the machine also features a portable core. The core looks like an mp3 player, and can switch two minds by using an apparatus resembling ear buds. This portable core only has enough power for one or two swaps when removed, and can't perform any more until it's placed back inside the main machine and allowed to charge. Additionally, the machine will not function as long as the core is removed.

Update 4/20/2020 I'm trying to clean this story up! If you notice any exceedingly poor quality chapters, or would like to see extra branches added, choices changed out, or any chapters get overhauled, please let me know!

Recurring Characters


Luke; You - You're a social outcast and a bit of a mad scientist. While you've invented a lot of amazing devices, the body switching machine is your masterpiece.

Kyle; Your brother - Though you're not twins, your brother Kyle is very similar to you. He looks a lot like you, but he actively keeps up his appearance. He's a little more popular than you, but not to jock levels. He likes to play with your inventions, and even though it makes you angry, he's just as intelligent as you are, but too lazy to be a scientist like you.

Erika; Your sister - A punk girl, relentlessly trying to rebel against something. Her style might be an attempt to get attention, but your mother is very understanding of a teen's need to be creative and rebellious, so she goes unopposed. She has a bit of a grudge with you, because you tend to use her as a guinea pig for experiments.

Kim; Your mother - A middle school teacher, your mother has always been highly supportive of your scientific pursuits. She's not dumb, but she tends to be ditzy, which plays to her adventurous side.

Mark; Your father - He's supposedly unemployed and a stay-at-home dad, but he always seems to have some kind of business to do. He's an extremely intelligent man, and clearly where you get your brains from. He doesn't approve of your experiments, but allows them to happen because of your mother. He's never shared his mysterious past with you kids, but when he was your age, he also built a body swapping machine, and saw all of the horrible things it could cause.

Kelly Your Aunt- Your father's sister. When she was young and stupid, she signed contracts without reading them thoroughly, and ended up trapped in a world of modeling where she was constantly getting the short end of the stick. Her contracts are due to expire soon, but years of stress have left her emotionally unstable.


Professor Michelle Anderson; Science Rival A 22 year old scientist from the same city. Ever since you came into the science game, she's felt threatened by you. She's bugged your garage, and is always watching from her own secret lab. Sometimes she sabotaged your inventions, other times she'll try and build better versions of the same thing.

Ronald Tramp Famous Billionaire CEO- Ronald Tramp is a famous billionaire who once had his own TV show, "You're Hired!" He wants to turn body swapping into a service that can be sold by his company. He actually seems to be a pretty nice guy, genuinely wanting to help people improve their lives.

Shana White - The confident and cruel 18 year old daughter of local billionaire, Richard White. She is a classmate of your brother Kyle, and attends the same school as you and your siblings. It's unclear why someone so rich is attending a public school. Shana considers herself above everyone. Often attended by her personal maid and bodyguard, Lisabelle, who is the same age.

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