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by Ace
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The 3rd part in the Remote of Swap saga

The 3rd part in the Remote of Swap saga

This is an interactive story containing 100 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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Here we go again!

I'm gonna skip the small talk and get right into it.

You (Danny) 16. Shaggy dirty Blond hair and single not in good shape but not bad either.
Mom (Linda) 38. Very hot. long wavy Brown hair She looks like she never had kids. Works part time at a clothing store.
Dad (Stan) 43. Generaly musculare. Blond hair as a kid but it darkened over time. Works for some company and isnt around very often
Brittiny (Sister) 19. Single with blonde hair and DD size breasts. Goe to a university a couple hours north. Is visiting for a couple days.
Anna (Sister) 12. Short brown hair and shroter than her class mates. a bit tomboyish
As a family you get along well.

Aunt Nita, 41, Short brown hair with blond highlights Nice boobs and butt
Samantha, 15 Cousin long birty blond hair, sort of a girlier version of Danny
Veronica : 24 Nieghbor She moved here over the summer Long blond hair DD boobs and tight ass.
Kim: 24 Nieghbor rommates with Veronica Short red hair and same body as body as Veronica
Jasmine: 23 Nighbor roommates with the two above African Long Black hair CC boobs but butt as good as the others
Victoria (Neighbor) 17. long brown hair. Hot. also a cheerleader. has some of the same classes as Danny.

The fallowing live in a house across the street.
Robin: 40 short Red hair Mother of the fallowing kids. Works for the same company as Stan but is around all the time. Very motherly
Tom (brown hair) and Rachel (red hair): 18 Twins bother very athletic yet far from meatheads. Only rachel can drive, Tom failed the driver's test
Katherine "Kat": 15, mdeium length red hair only a month younger than Danny, she and him have becom good frineds since she moved here. Both are anime fans, but overbearing about it.
Tina: 9 long hair and ginger. Posslibly the girliest person Danny has ever met. Also the most shy.

Body swap: fairly self explanitory.
Body Part Swap: Swaps a singular part, or parts in pairs (amrs legs ect.)
Life Swap: Danny's physical body is maintained, but is now seen as the person swapped with
Gender Swap: Again, it obvious, but does require one boy and one girl to be sucessful strange results if otherwise.
Head Swap: Swaps the heads of the user and target. The swapped will live thier original lives, but with their new bodies, and whatever may have changed because of that.
Wardrobe swap: All clothing swaps. All of it. Adjusted to fit new user.
Age swap: Swaps the ages of 2 people
Soul Swap: Gives the user the body, and clothes of the target. (ex. Danny uses it on Brittany. He looks like her but is now Dannielle, the middle sibling of the family)
Personality Swap: Duh
Role Reversal: this is a fun one. The user is now considered the target's past persona. (Ex. Danny swaps with a bitch, and now is a version of himself if he were a mean girl, as well as dresses in said persona) Another coll effect is that you can link other swaps to this one. Wardrobe Swap + Role Reversal = the user now dresses in a similar style to the target, and vice versa.
Personal info: Brings up some things about the target: sort of a misc. option.
World Swap: Does need to be linked to another swap to work, and will take it to a global scale. Often goes as unexpected.
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