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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1867537
Evan has the power to swap anything with another person, but there's a catch. GPs given!

Evan has the power to swap anything with another person, but there's a catch. GPs given!

This is an interactive story containing 1,778 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
After having a weird dream, Evan is granted the power to swap anything between himself and another person. However, there's a catch: he can only swap with a willing individual. Evan can swap anything from body parts, personality traits, clothing, relationships, occupations, etc., but only equivalent parts can be swapped (that means hands can be swapped with hands and feet with feet, but no swapping hands with feet). Reality will adjust to match the changes, such as clothes resizing to fit a changed body. By default, the power makes it so that those involved in the swap are aware of changes while those not involved in the swap aren't, but it does allow Evan to control who is aware of swaps, making more people aware of them, or making any of the people involved in the swap unaware of it. The power only works on humans, not on other animals.

Aside for the restrictions mentioned above, there's some leeway in terms of how you want to have the power work. Maybe using the power drains a lot of energy if used a bunch at once, or maybe some swaps start to have some side effects over time, or maybe it's possible to control awareness of swaps that have already occurred, or maybe it's possible for Evan to swap the power to someone else. The one thing I ask is that you keep it consistent within a story branch.

This story stands on its own, but it is also the seventh part in a series of loosely related interactive stories that share the same universe.

Gift Points will be given out to good chapters. The amount of points will depend on how good/long your chapters are. Happy writing. *Smile*

Please use good spelling an grammar. This is my biggest pet peeve. If you make a few mistakes I will fix them but if your chapter is grossly illegible, I will delete it because I'm not going to waste my time fixing it.

Please keep the story in 3rd person (that means he, his, her, etc. not I, me, or you) past tense (ran not run). I have nothing against 1st and 2nd person and present tense, but I like keeping the story consistent throughout.

Please try not to spam one sentence chapters, especially past the first few chapters of the story. It's annoying and doesn't really advance the story. I will delete chapters like this if it gets out of hand.

Keep with the continuity of the story branch. For example, if the power has some secondary property as mentioned above, keep it consistent in the branch.

Please try not to abruptly end the story. If you want to end it, go ahead, but please build up to it first. For example, it wouldn't be enjoyable if in chapter 3 it just reads "They swapped back and then Evan never used the power again. The end."

Sex is fine, but be realistic; most people don't have sex 30 times a day.

Character death is a thing that can happen, but please try to keep it to a minimum since its not really the focus of the story.

Most importantly... Have fun and don't be afraid to add! This story isn't going to write itself you know...

Evan Wilson: The main character. He's a pretty average 17 year old boy. He has short brown hair and an average build, standing at 5'10".

Stephanie Wilson: Evan's 19 year old sister. She's home from college for the summer. She has straight light brown hair with blond highlights that ends right above her shoulders. She has a pretty average height at 5'5" and a nice frame with D-cup breasts.

Alexandra Wilson: Evan's 15 year old sister. She goes by Alex and is a total tomboy. Her brown hair is short for a girl, just passing her ears and reaching her neck. She has C-cup breasts. Her wardrobe consists of a mix of somewhat more masculine clothing and some more feminine stuff, but she doesn't like to wear skirts or dresses unless absolutely necessary. She stands at 5'2" but probably isn't done growing just yet.

Miranda Wilson: Evan's 42 year old mother. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and C-cup breasts and is 5'4". She's a fourth grade teacher at the local elementary school.

Jack Wilson: Evan's 43 year old father. He has an average build but he's kind of tall, standing 6'0", and he has short light brown hair with a slight hint of gray. He works at a marketing company.

Amy McKay: Evan's 17 year old girlfriend. She's the nicest person ever and fun to hang out with. She's quite attractive, with long blonde hair, C-cup breasts, a slender frame, and a height of 5'4". She's kind of a girly girl but she is willing to play video games with Evan.

Melanie McKay: Amy's 14 year old sister. Goes by Mel usually. She's a pretty typical scene girl and tends to dye her hair a variety of different colors. She can be annoying at times but she is generally pretty cool. She has B-cup breasts and a height of 5'0".

Mark Herbert: Evan's 17 year old best friend. He has dark hair that comes down just past his ears and he's tall, standing at 6'1". He has a hyperactive personality and tends to get himself and Evan in all kinds of crazy situations.

Allison Herbert: Mark's 11 year old sister. She's a total girly girl and has long dark hair. She is only just starting to develop breasts and hasn't reach her full height, standing only 4'8" tall. She is kind of weird.

Scott Lin: Evan's 16 year old close friend. Mark's neighbor. He hangs out with Evan and Mark a lot. He's of Chinese descent and is 5'6" tall. He has kind of short hair that he gels up in the front. He's rather easygoing.

Tina Lin: Scott's 18 year old sister. She's popular at school and a generally nice person. She and Scott don't always see eye to eye but tend to get along well enough. She has long hair and C-cup breasts and stands at a height of 5'1".

Jennifer Austin: Evan's 16 year old close friend. Goes by Jen. She lives across the street from Evan. She's kind of shy and quiet but she is a reliable friend. She has dark shoulder length hair and wears glasses and she has B-cup breasts and is 5'3". She's an only child.

Christine Wallace: Evan's 28 year old next-door neighbor. She's a hot blond with D-cup breasts, a perfect figure, and a height of 5'6". All the neighborhood boys drool at the very thought of her.

Denise Gerard: Evan's 40 year old next-door neighbor on the other side. She's a single mother with straight light brown hair about halfway down her neck and C-cup breasts. She's 5'4"

Anna Gerard: Denise's 13 year old daughter. She's kind of nerdy but also kind of punky at the same time. She can be kind of socially awkward at times in a cute sort of way. She wears glasses, has shoulder length blond hair that is dyed a mix of pink and black at the ends, and she has A-cup breasts and a height of 5'0".

Abigail Price: 18 year old girl that lives across the street from Evan. She's a grade above Evan and is known at school as the creepy goth girl. Her parents are pretty much never around. She has long dark hair that partially covers her face and she wears heavy gothic style makeup and goth clothes like corsets and combat boots. She had C-cup breasts and is a bit tall for a girl at 5'9". She randomly talks to Evan when they bump into each other at school or on the street about the weirdest things.
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