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Evan has the power to swap anything with another person, but there's a catch. GPs given!

Evan has the power to swap anything with another person, but there's a catch. GPs given!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
After having a weird dream, Evan is granted the power to swap anything between himself and another person. However, there's a catch: he can only swap with a willing individual. Evan can swap anything from body parts, personality traits, clothing, relationships, occupations, etc., but only equivalent parts can be swapped (that means hands can be swapped with hands and feet with feet, but no swapping hands with feet). Reality will adjust to match the changes, such as clothes resizing to fit a changed body. By default, the power makes it so that those involved in the swap are aware of changes while those not involved in the swap aren't, but it does allow Evan to control who is aware of swaps, making more people aware of them, or making any of the people involved in the swap unaware of it. The power only works on humans, not on other animals.

Aside for the restrictions mentioned above, there's some leeway in terms of how you want to have the power work. Maybe using the power drains a lot of energy if used a bunch at once, or maybe some swaps start to have some side effects over time, or maybe it's possible to control awareness of swaps that have already occurred, or maybe it's possible for Evan to swap the power to someone else. The one thing I ask is that you keep it consistent within a story branch.

The story also features branches where a different character starts out with the power. The same rules apply to those branches as well.

Gift Points will be given out to good chapters. The amount of points will depend on how good/long your chapters are. Happy writing. *Smile*

General Writing Rules:
These are the guidelines for adding to any of my stories. I reserve the right to delete any chapters that break these rules.

1. Use good spelling and grammar. I will fix small mistakes, but I will delete chapters that are too hard to read.
2. Keep the story in third person and past tense. It's jarring when these randomly change.
3. Be consistent within a story branch and maintain the established continuity of the branch.
4. Keep characters consistent with their bios. It's okay to expand upon what's in the bios, but don't have characters act completely out of character or change established details about them.
5. Avoid adding too many one sentence or choice chapters. These are fine for earlier chapters in a branch to get things started, but after that point it becomes annoying and doesn't add anything to the story.
6. Don't write something completely different than what the option you selected says.
7. Try to avoid leaving only one option at the end of a chapter.
8. Sex is fine, but please try to be at least a bit realistic about it. Most people don't have sex constantly.
9. Try to avoid killing characters, especially the main characters. It's fine to include character death sometimes, but it's not really the focus of the story.
10. Please try to avoid adding to chapters that obviously violate the rules. I'd hate to delete a good chapter because it was added to one that broke the rules.
11. No promoting hate speech or being otherwise disrespectful of others.
12. Most importantly, have fun and don't be afraid to add! The story isn't going to write itself you know...

You can find a list of characters below that you can include. Feel free to introduce your own, as long as they don't conflict with any characters listed here. I might even add your character to the official list!

Main Characters:
These are the characters that will be the focus of the story in most of the branches.

Evan Wilson: He's a pretty average 17 year old boy. He's a high school junior and neither super popular nor unpopular. He has short brown hair and an average build, standing at 5'10". He is somewhat athletic, playing sports on and off, but isn't really a jock. He enjoys hanging out with friends, video games, and other guy stuff. He's a pretty chill guy, but doesn't always think everything through.

Stephanie Wilson: Evan's 19 year old sister. She's home from college for the summer. She has straight light brown hair with blonde highlights that ends right above her shoulders. She's quite attractive and has a pretty average height at 5'5" and a nice figure with D-cup breasts. She's a friendly, outgoing girl who is rather physically active, going for a run every day. She had a pretty girly personality and likes to dress fashionably. She's relatively popular, still staying in touch with several high school friends and also making several more at her new college.

Alexandra Wilson: Evan's 15 year old sister. She's a high school freshmen, two years below Evan. She goes by Alex and is a total tomboy. She's somewhat socially awkward, but she's also strangely charming and charismatic and has a lot of friends. Her brown hair is short for a girl, just passing her ears and reaching her neck, and she has C-cup breasts. Her wardrobe consists of a mix of somewhat more masculine clothing and some more feminine stuff, but she doesn't like to wear skirts or dresses. She's kind of skinny and stands at just 5'2" but she probably isn't done growing just yet. Though not super athletic, she does enjoy sports and plays on the high school soccer team.

Miranda Wilson: Evan's 42 year old mother. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and C-cup breasts and is 5'4". She's still in good shape for her age and is still quite attractive. She's a caring mother, but can be strict sometimes when it's called for. She's a fourth grade teacher at the local elementary school.

Jack Wilson: Evan's 43 year old father. He has an average build but he's kind of tall, standing 6'0", and he has short light brown hair with a slight hint of gray. He works at a marketing company. He's an easygoing guy, but can sometimes be stern with his children when they act up.

Amy McKay: Evan's 17 year old girlfriend. She's really sweet and one of the nicest people Evan knows. She's always fun to hang out with. She's quite attractive, with long blonde hair, C-cup breasts, a slender frame, and a height of 5'4". She's kind of a girly girl, but she is willing to play video games with Evan.

Mark Herbert: Evan's 17 year old best friend. He has dark hair that comes down just past his ears and he's tall, standing at 6'1", and he as a somewhat athletic build. He has an impulsive, hyperactive personality and tends to get himself and Evan in all kinds of crazy situations.

Scott Lin: Evan's 16 year old close friend. Mark's neighbor. He hangs out with Evan and Mark a lot. He's of Chinese descent but his family is very Americanized. He's 5'6" tall and he has kind of short black hair that he gels up in the front. He's smart, but rather easygoing. He enjoys basketball and plays on the school team. He's quite good despite his height.

Jennifer Austin: Evan's 16 year old close friend. She goes by Jen. She lives across the street from Evan. She's a cute, somewhat nerdy kind of girl and a bit shy and quiet, but she is a reliable friend. She has dark shoulder length hair and wears glasses. She is a bit slender, but she has a decent figure, with B-cup breasts and a height of 5'3". Her wardrobe contains a good mix of feminine clothes and more unisex ones. She's an only child and lives with her single dad, her mother having passed when she was a little kid.

Matthew Gibson: Evan's 17 year old friend. He goes by Matt and often hangs out with Evan, Mark, and Scott. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed and has a very bro-y personality. He is a cool guy though, if a bit rowdy. He has short blonde hair and lots of facial scruff. He's a big, strong 6'0" guy with a muscular build that makes him good at sports.

Other Characters:
These are some other characters that may or may not be relevant depending on which story branch we follow. Some are friends and relatives of the main characters, and others are some additional characters to flesh out the story.

Melanie McKay: Amy's 14 year old sister. She's in the eighth grade. She goes by Mel usually. She's a pretty typical scene girl and liked a lot of emo and pop punk music. She has shoulder length blonde hair, typically styled in a choppy layered cut, and she tends to dye it a variety of different colors. She's kinda hyperactive and can be annoying at times, but she is generally pretty cool. She has B-cup breasts and a height of 5'0".

Olivia McKay: Amy's 40 year old mother. She has long blonde hair like her eldest daughter, a nice, motherly figure, C-up breasts, and a height of 5'5". She's still in good shape for her age and likes to stay up to date with the latest fashions. She owns and runs her own beauty salon.

Joseph McKay: Amy's 41 year old father. He's a laid back guy with a strong build, standing 5'11". He has short blonde hair and neatly trimmed facial hair. He owns his own construction company. He can be protective of his daughters sometimes, but he likes Evan and approves of his relationship with Amy.

Allison Herbert: Mark's 11 year old sister. She's a fifth grade elementary school student. She's a total girly girl and has long dark hair. She is only just starting to develop breasts and hasn't reach her full height, standing only 4'8" tall. She is kind of weird.

John Herbert: Mark's 45 year old father. He's 5'9" with an average build. He's in decent shape, but age is catching up with him. He works long hours at a financial company. He has short dark hair and wears glasses.

Kaitlin Herbert: Mark's 43 year old mother. Like Evan's mom, she's also a teacher, teaching eight grade algebra. She is quite physically active in her free time and likes to stay in shape. She's 5'7" and kind of thin, but she has a decent figure and B-cup breasts. She has shoulder length dark hair and wears stylish glasses. She's pretty lenient with her kids as long as they keep up their grades, but can be sharp with them when they don't.

Tina Lin: Scott's 18 year old sister. She's a smart, popular high school senior on the cheer squad. She has a bubbly personality and she's generally a nice person. She and Scott don't always see eye to eye but tend to get along well enough. She has long black hair and C-cup breasts and stands at a height of 5'1".

David Lin: Scott's 46 year old father. He's 5'6" and has a thin build. He has short black hair and wears glasses. He's a smart guy and is a doctor at a big hospital. He can be stern at times and wants to ensure his kids excel at whatever they do.

Maria Lin: Scott's 44 year old mother. She's a petite woman, standing 5'1", and she has B-cup breasts. She's also a doctor like her husband, which is how they met initially.

Steven Austin: Jen's 39 year old father. He goes by Steve. He's 5'8", thin, and has short dark hair and a short, well-groomed beard. He's a kind but quiet guy and works at a tech company. He does his best raising Jen, but doesn't really know how to help with 'girl stuff.' He's recently re-entered the dating scene after some encouragement from his daughter.

Jason Gibson: Matt's 15 year old brother. He usually goes by Jay. He's in Alex's grade in school, but they don't know each other well. He's blond like his brother and has messy medium-length hair. He's also rather skinny and already 5'10" tall, giving him a somewhat lanky appearance. Unlike Matt, he has no interest in sports and is a bit nerdy.

Thomas Gibson: Matt's 20 year old brother. He prefers to go by Tommy. He has a similar muscular build to Matt, standing 6'2" tall. He is quite athletic and excels at sports, but he is a bit smarter than Matt and can also be quite charming. He's a handsome guy with medium-length blond hair and he keeps his face clean-shaven. Tommy is currently attending college, but still comes home during summers though he is often quite busy.

Brian Gibson: Matt's 38 year old father. He is a large, imposing man standing 6'4" tall and sporting a broad, athletic build. He has short blond hair and a short beard. He was a football player in his youth, and he still keeps himself in great shape. He has a love for sports which he passed on to Matt and Tommy. He is a stern parent who pushes his kids to do well in sports and school.

Christine Wallace: Evan's 28 year old next-door neighbor. She's a hot blonde with D-cup breasts, a perfect figure, and a height of 5'6". All the neighborhood boys drool at the very thought of her and she is not above teasing them from time to time. She's has a cool, friendly personality, but she's hot and she knows it. She has a dog named Max, a friendly golden retriever.

Denise Gerard: Evan's 40 year old next-door neighbor on the other side. She's a single mother with straight light brown hair about halfway down her neck and C-cup breasts. She's 5'4". She divorced her ex husband several years ago and he's not really in the picture anymore. She has a bit of a thing for Jen's dad Steve.

Anna Gerard: Denise's 13 year old daughter. She's kind of nerdy but also kind of punky at the same time. She can be kind of socially awkward at times in a cute sort of way. She wears glasses, has shoulder length blonde hair that is dyed a mix of pink and black at the ends, and she has A-cup breasts and a height of 5'0".

Abigail Price: 18 year old girl that lives across the street from Evan. She's a grade above Evan and is known at school as the creepy goth girl. She has very busy parents who are pretty much never around and she has a black cat named Nyx. She has long dark hair that partially covers her face and she wears heavy gothic style makeup and goth clothes like corsets and combat boots. She has C-cup breasts and is a bit tall for a girl at 5'9". She randomly talks to Evan when they bump into each other at school or on the street about the weirdest things. Abigail was a childhood friend of Stephanie's but they drifted apart.

Julia Lewis: Stephanie's 19 year old best friend from high school. They don't get to see each other as much now since they go to different colleges, but are taking advantage of the fact that they're both home for the summer. Much like Steph, she's an attractive, friendly, and outgoing girl, though she's not quite as physically active. She has a cute face and wavy, shoulder length dark hair. She's 5'4" and has a nice figure, C-cup breasts, and killer legs.

Susan MacDonald: Stephanie's 19 year old high school friend. She goes by Suzie and is a total girly girl, even more so than Steph or Julia. She loves all things girly and the color pink. She's a good friend but can be a bit of a ditz sometimes. She's 5'3" and has long blonde hair and a full figure with a big butt and D-cup breasts.

Amanda Lawson: Stephanie's 19 year old college roommate and her best college friend. She's an outgoing, sociable girl who can get along with almost anyone. She's smart, pretty, and a real go-getter who always seizes opportunities. She's a member of several college clubs. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, a great figure, C-cup breasts, and a height of 5'4". She lives far away, but she and Steph have talked about getting together over the summer. She has a 17 year old brother named Matt and a 15 year old sister named Ashlie back home.

Michelle Green: Stephanie's 19 year old college friend. She lives in the same dorm building as Steph and Amanda and is good friends with both of them. She's got very light blonde hair that's usually done in a short pixie cut. She's thin, has B-cup breasts, and a height of 5'5". She's attractive, but a little plain, and she has a hipsterish fashion sense. Like Amanda, she lives far away, but has talked about making summer plans with Steph. She also has a boyfriend named Kyle she met at college.

Lily McCarthy: Alex's 15 year old best friend. She's a bit girlier than Alex, but she's also quite sporty and plays on the soccer team with Alex. She's a fun girl and a good friend, but she can be a bit pushy at times. She has straight, shoulder length light brown hair, a height of 5'4", an average figure, and B-cup breasts. She's also Mark's next-door neighbor.

Kelly Pearson: Alex's 15 year old close friend. She's a pale, mousy haired girl with a mousy disposition to match, being quite shy and timid. She's thin and waifish and fairly short at 5'2". She has long brunette hair, an unremarkable figure, and A-cup breasts. She tends to dress rather modestly and she wears thick, black rimmed glasses.

Amber Ferguson: Alex's 15 year old close friend. She's much more feminine than Alex and had a bubbly, boisterous personality. She's lithe and tall at 5'8" and sports beautiful long, voluminous red hair. She started developing early and quickly compared to most other girls and is quite attractive for her age. She has a great figure and generous DD-cup breasts.

Angela Ferguson: Amber's 37 year old mother. She is a very attractive woman who shares many physical attributes with her daughter. She's a 5'8" redhead with long, voluminous hair, a great figure, and lovely DD-cup breasts. Much like Amber, she has a bubbly, outgoing personality. In her younger years, she was quite a party girl and a bit promiscuous, but she became very responsible after Amber was born as a result of a one night stand.

Jordan Campbell: Alex's 15 year old close friend. She's even more of a tomboy than Alex is, sporting very short brown hair and preferring to wear loose, male clothing. She's 5'4" and relatively petite, with B-cup breasts. She also wears stylish, thick framed glasses. She often acts more like a boy than a girl and tries to be 'one of the guys.' Some suspect she might be trans, but she hasn't come out if she is.

Samantha Fletcher: Alex's 17 year old friend. She's a girl from Evan's grade that Alex is friends with through the school soccer team. She's tall at 5'9" and quite athletic. She's very attractive, with a nice figure, toned muscles, a shapely butt, and D-cup breasts. She also had long blonde hair, usually secured in a ponytail, and tends to wear athletic wear, though she does like getting dressed up for parties. In addition to soccer, she plays several other sports.

Courtney Rose: Amy's 17 year old best friend. She's a nice, outgoing girl with a very girly personality. She has strawberry blonde hair, styled in a chin-length bob, a decent figure, B-cup breasts, and a 5'6" height. She likes to have fun, but she can be headstrong and stubborn. Scott has a big crush on her.

Chelsea Han: Tina's 18 year old best friend. She's also of Chinese descent and her parents are friends of Tina's parents. She has a cute face, long dark brown hair, a decent figure, B-cup breasts, and a height of 5'3". She has a feminine personality, and is slightly timid. She is a lot of fun once she comes out of her shell.

April Han: Chelsea's 13 year old sister. She's in Anna's 7th grade class and is good friends with her. She's a skinny 5'2" girl with shoulder-length dark hair and A-cup breasts. She has braces on her teeth and wears square frame glasses. April is a nerdy but girly girl, though not quite as feminine as her older sister.
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