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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter #2

Turn her into just her lower half

    by: bobboled
The two of you decide to go to sleep as you both have had a long night. Not really caring about appearances, and still a little daunted by you new female body, you plop onto your bed without taking off your clothes, ready to sleep and figure this new body out tomorrow. You turn to say goodnight to Morrigan, but bite your tongue when you see that she is sleeping in just her underwear, a set of black panties and bra. She mumbles "night", to you, and pulls her covers over her. However, her ass is poking out from the blanket. You cannot help but stare, after all, she was an avid jogger and bicyclist so her but was nicely toned. You try to shake it out of your mind, but your gave just keeps coming back to it, and although you finally found sleep after half an hour of deliberation, you found yourself continually returning your gaze to her curvacious backside. All that night, your thoughts were of here ass, caressing it, biting it, eating her out, even penetrating her (although that would be a little harder now...).

You wake up a couple of minutes before your alarm goes off, likely from your fretful sleep. Trying to sleep while horny never works out well, especially when you have a hot roommate! You sit up and rub the sleep out of your eyes. You let out a yawn, and stand up to stretch. Almost fully awake now, you look at Morrigan's bed, her ass still partially reveled by the blankets. "Morrigan, it's time to get up. You want to grab some breakfast?

"Mnmm, yeah, I guess so. Just let me get up." she mumbles, although it is a bit muffled. Probably just the sheets covering her face.

You watch her legs shift, setting her feet on the floor, and that is when you are absolutely certain that you are still dreaming. Morrigan is there all right, standing in front of you, except that not 'all' of Morrigan is there. Morrigan only exists from the belly button down. You pinch yourself, wincing at the pain. Apparently, this is not a dream, and well, you are still a girl so this fits pretty well in line with your new weird, but still, this is just too weird. You pause, mouth agape, then manage to spit out, "Uhm, Morrigan, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just fine, but these panties are in my way and it's hard to speak."


"Yeah, I put them on to keep warm, but now they are just a hindrance. Could you please take the off? Thanks!" she says with a little hop. It's kinda cute, you think to yourself.


You reach over and pull her black panties down, only to pause as you stare at her blushing pink pussy. You shake your head and pull her panties all the way off, making sure she doesn't trip when she pulls her feet out.

"Thanks!", she chrips. You note that when she does this her vagina mo- holy shit her vagina is her mouth and she-

You squint at her, and slowly ask, "Are you okay, do you fell, er, different?"

"No, why do you ask? Is the something on my face."

No, you think, Shockingly there isn't, not even a face. Haha.

"No, I was just wondering."

"Oh, you're so sweet!"

She comes over and hugs you, her bare pussy rubbing up against your thigh.

"Well, let's get dressed and grab some breakfast, I am starvin'!"

Deciding to go along with it, at least until you can figure out just what the hell has happened. Maybe what that woman said to you has something to do with this?

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