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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
This choice: A porn actress wanting to get her looks rejuvanized · Go Back...
Chapter 22

A porn actress wanting to get her looks rejuvan...

    by: lord thanatos   More by this author
Just as you were getting ready to close up shop, a woman walked in, a rather well endowed woman dressed in a set of tight jeans and a hoody which concealed her face for the most part. A little unsure about this new customer, but not about to turn her away, you cautiously asked "Uh, yes, can I help you?"

"Maybe." the woman said in a sexy voice, it and her mannerisms strangely familiar, though you can't quite place where you've seen them before. "Is it true that your treatments can rejuvenate people, give them a whole new look and outlook on life?" the customer asked hopefully.

"It's true. So, what sort of treatment would you like? I really don't want to make you feel rushed or anything, but we were just about to close, so..." you replied, leaving the last sentence hanging in the hopes that the client would get on with it. It wasn't that you didn't enjoy changing people, you definitely did, but it had been a long day and you wanted it to be over with.

"Very well. What I want," the client said, throwing back her hood, allowing you to see her face, "is an entirely new look, one that will help to rejuvenate my flagging career."

As soon as she removes her hood, you sense that you've seen this woman before. You struggle to remember where, and while it takes you a minute, it eventually clicks. "Holly crap, your Tanya tits, the famous porn star!" you exclaimed, shocked to have a celebrity in your shop so soon after opening, especially a porn actress of all things, and suddenly you find yourself a lot more interested in this particular client. The woman in question is typical porn star material, being tall and blonde with big boobs and wide hips and ass. Her face is pretty enough, though she's starting to show her age a little, probably the reason that her popularity has started slipping of late.

Seemingly pleased by your recognition, Tanya smiles "Oh, so you recognize me! Perhaps my carrier isn't quite as dead as I'd feared after all." she said.

"Oh, hardly dead." you reassured, adding "Though I think I know why you came. So, was there anything specific you wanted to try, or would you rather let me choose?" you inquired.

"I'll let you choose the treatment I think. I've heard that you're quite the artist, and seen a few of the results, and I believe if you can do something for me even half as good it should be more than enough to give my career the boost it sorely needs." Tanya replied.

"Okay, sounds good. I like it when the client allows me to get creative. Now, lets talk price." you continued, rubbing your hands greedily, already contemplating what you were going to do to this client. It would have to be something wild of course, and totally sexual, she was a professional porn star after all.

"Oh, money if no real object. My career may be on it's last legs, but I'm sure I can still easily afford whatever you're interested in charging." Tanya said, seemingly unconcerned about your fee.

"Even better." you think to yourself.

"Alright then. Now, if you don't mind, I'll need you to strip nude for me and lie down on this table." you said gesturing towards the area in question.

"I don't mind at all. I'm quite used to being nude in front of people." Tanya said with a wink.

"I can well imagine." you said with a laugh while helping the porn queen to position herself properly. After studying her features, wanting to memorize them for latter, you set to work, having Tanya close her eyes as you began massaging her face, molding it like clay, erasing all features from it until you were left with nothing more than a featureless blob of flesh colored putty attached to her neck. scooping up a handful of this putty, you began applying it to her chest, creating two lumps, followed by two more, the lumps quickly expanding and reshaping into breasts equal in size and shape to her old ones, though far perkier, and with larger nipples, as well as being real, something that Tanya's old breasts obviously weren't. having finished with that, you began to work on Tanya's original breasts, causing her implants to dissolve, then using the excess mass, along with the last bits of flesh left over from her head to reshape them so they match the lower sets, giving the aging porn star a six pack of G cup tits, the perkiness of which any teenager would be envious of, let alone a woman her own age. Deciding that still wasn't enough boobs, you reached down between them grabbing and pulling at the flesh between each set, gradually forming it into a third breast sandwiched between each set for a total of nine.

Satisfied with that, you move on, taking your fingers and applying them to Tanya's neck stump, pressing it inwards, forming a hole, said hole transforming itself into a huge gaping anus easily capable of accepting a baseball bat if she so chooses. Moving from her neck down to her shoulders to her arms, you begin massaging them as well, though with a different goal in mind. Rather than get rid of them, you decide to change them, as well as making them more numerous. As you continue to kneed, Tanya's arms become longer, more rope like, and more flexible, resembling six foot tentacles more than arms, as well as possessing six of them, each arm having split about midway down sometime during the process. Concentrating, you begin filling in the details, the tentacle arms taking on greater definition, as well as gaining a number of nipples spaced in two rows down their entire length, much like suckers on an octopus, the ends of the tentacles beginning to form large fleshy bulbs, but slowly, as you have other things to do before allowing that particular change to finalize itself.

Moving down to Tanya's legs, you grab hold of them pulling them further apart, substantially widening her hips, and allowing enough space for two more legs, which you promptly add for a total of four all in a row. This also, not incidentally, has provided Tanya with three crotches, which you already intend to make use of, transforming her pussy into a large drooling mouth with a two foot highly flexible tongue, the entirety of which is covered with tiny, almost microscopic bumps and protrusions, essentially a horde of tiny clitorises, making said tongue a highly erogenous area. You then duplicate this setup twice, leaving a large drooling mouth with two foot clit covered tongue attached to each of Tanya's three crotches.

Flipping Tanya over, revealing her four butt cheeks, an anus wedged between each pair, you decide to change that, transforming her anuses into pussies, as well as giving her three tails, each about four feet long and ending in a sizable dick like protrusion about a foot long and as big around as a soda can, covered in bumps and ridges specifically designed to provide additional sexual stimulation for whatever partner or partners she chooses to use them on.

By this point, the bulbs on the end of Tanya's new tentacles are just about ready, having assumed a size and shape very similar to that of her former head. Concentrating on them, the head sized bulbs begin to gain features, each transforming into a replica of Tanya's former face, though younger, and heavily altered, her mouth and nose on each one having been replaced by an over sized cunt, with a two inch clit, only her eyes remaining the same. her hair is also different, having been replaced by a writhing mass of bright red thin penis like tentacles each around two feet long.

It looks good, very good, at least to your eyes, and after announcing you're finished, you help Tanya up and escort her over to the full length mirror you had set up, allowing her to see her new self for the first time.

Examining your handy work, Tanya gasps, accompanied by a moan almost immediately thereafter as the air send the vibrations tease the countless tiny clitorises lining her tongue. "Ohhh My GOD! Tanya cries. "T-this is ,is incredible! I-I shOULD b-be able to get ALL sorts of jobs with a body like this! she stammers, having trouble getting the words out as she nearly manages to have an orgasm every time she says something.

"Glad I could help." you said. "Now, about my payment?" you add.

Pulling a wad of cash out of her purse, and handing it to you, Tanya says "Keep it, you've m-more than e-earned it!"

Eyes wide, you quickly count the cash, easily over a thousand dollars. "T-thank you very much! you stammer, shocked and elated to have earned so much so quickly. "Come back any time. And please, tell your friends about us!" you said.

"Oh, I definitely will!" Tanya agreed, walking out the door in the nude, leaving her clothing laying on the floor in a pile. As soon as she's gone, you rush over to Morrigan, excited over how much money you'd made.

After counting it herself, her eyes going wider and wider as she does so, Morrigan exclaims, "Oh my God Alex, you mean you got all of this from just one client?! There's over a thousand dollars here!"

Grinning from ear to ear, you reply "I know. And this is just the beginning. Once she tells her friends, we'll have all kinds of celebrity business, well, porn stars anyway. Just think of how much money we can make then!"

Grinning widely herself now, Morrigan replies "Well, I'd say this was a pretty successful first days business wouldn't you? I'd also say this is cause for a celebration." she adds.

"Hmm, I like that idea. What did you have in mind?" you asked.

"We should______________________." Morrigan replies.

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