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  1. I Cast A Spell On You
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by kittme
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My Babysitter's a Vampire. Benny casts a spell on Ethan and the results are unexpected.
Chapter 1

I Cast A Spell On You

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"I'm telling you Ethan! I grabbed it form grandma's closet. I don't know why she ripped this page from my spell book." Benny said to the teen standing in front of him with an unsure look in his face.

"Benny, if your grandma took this from you is because she knows how bad it can be. I don't know if we should try this." Ethan commented but he knew how stubborn Benny was. "And you said there is no way to revert this. If something goes wrong..."

"Dude, I'm just gonna shoot something randomly. Like one of Jane's dolls." Benny knew how to persuade Ethan and he got it. Ethan nodded in response knowing he would regret allowing Benny doing this.

"Fine just shoot that fly." Ethan pointed to the flying insect and Benny said the words. A blue lightning went across the room, swerved the fly and went right into Ethan's chest, making him fall on the floor. "Ouch!"

"I'm sorry man. I don't know what happened. Are you feeling anything different?" Benny helped Ethan getting on his feet, not sure of what his friend can turn into.

"I'm okay, I guess. I told you this was no good." Ethan said worried.

"I think it was nothing. C'mon, let's hang out a bit, so you can relax a little." Benny oferred and Ethan nodded again.

While they were walking,...
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