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by Sekiko
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You are a tiny guy and receive a scholarship to an all-female college mysteriously.

You are a tiny guy and receive a scholarship to an all-female college mysteriously.

This is an interactive story containing 31 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You are David Higgs, an 18 year old guy born with a rare condition that made you not only a few inches tall, but completely indestructible by any means. This is lucky because you have been accidentally crushed and subjected to many horrors over your life at the hands of family members, friends, and even some bullies intentionally, but finally it's time for college and a fresh start! And lucky you, you've received a full scholarship to a university you haven't really heard of. Since you don't really have much other option you take the free ride and arrive at Wonderswan University, a small little campus that houses a few hundred students. Surprisingly, they are all female! And they've been expecting you, anticipating using you in various ways. Now you must live as a tiny college student while every one of your class mates, neighbors in the dorms, fellow upper-class women and even the faculty all want to get their hands on you for their own perverse pleasure.

You're rooming with a girl named Jenna Hunters, a beautiful black haired white girl who is pretty curvaceous but not chubby, who is in love with her new indestructible little roomie and immediately introduced you to the various parts of her body she's going to be using to play with you. She's a bit eager to humiliate and demean you, test your limits and overall just enjoy her power as a giantess compared to you, but she's also peculiarly nice, talks with you and will even help you out if she feels like it. Of course, she'll expect repayment.

Most of the girls want to humiliate and demean you, some will make shows of it, publicly crushing you against glass, group sessions and the like, while others will keep you to themselves for awhile, but there is an unofficial rule on the campus that no one is to hog you for more than a few hours, since so many girls are looking forward to your presence. Jenna takes advantage of this though, since you are roommates she can crush you and torment you as long as your in the room with her, but she does tend to play fair and let other girls get a crack at you.

Warning: There will be farting, belching, smothering, crushing, sweat, armpits, foot fetish, vore, spit, masturbating females, other gross and weird things of differing intensities. Some chapters may be weirder than others.

1. No death, David can survive crushing by multiple girls, being eaten alive, and even being poisoned so don't try that either.
2. No other males, not even shrunken ones.
3. Anything goes as far as what they can do to David. They can dress him up like a doll, crush him under their butts or feet, pleasure themselves with him, humiliate him, and eat him (any method goes too).
4. The women must be 18 or older.
5. The girls are human, they can be muscular, fat, obese, skinny, or whatever body type you want but they must be human.
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