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  1. The Beginning of the End
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by Stars
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A teenaged geek girl gets revenge for everything she's been put through.
Chapter 1

The Beginning of the End

    by: Stars   More by this author
Anna cringed as she was, once again, slammed into the lockers by Darian, a pretty, popular classmate of hers, who, for some reason, decided that Anna should be punished for being herself. While these sorts of things were going on Anna would fantasize of giving Darian a taste of her own medicine. Tonight, it would be more than just a mere fantasy. For now Anna just stood there and took the beating, her skin quickly bruising deep shades of purple, green, and blue. Darian became bored with Anna's lack of reaction and left her to hold her pained side while a fury raged in her soul. Oh yes...Darian was going to pay. Anna continued through the following hours of school acting as if nothing had happened, planning her enemy's defeat by her hands. She was deep in her thoughts, the bell that indicated the ending of the school day making her jump. She heard laughter, it was from Darian. Anna simply grit her teeth and walked out of the room.
Later that evening, Darian recieved a text message from a private number. "Meet me at the library" it read. Darian checked her clock. 7:00 PM. The library was closed at this time of night. She decided to go anyway, it might be important.
"Hello? I'm here, just like you wanted!" Darian shouted. "God...What am I doing?" she put her head down to think for a minute. A hooded figure walked up behind her. She gasped in surprise, then frowned in disgust. "Oh, it's YOU." she sneered. Anna just shifted from foot to foot. "What do you want, LOSER?"
"I called you here to make a peace offering." Anna produced a water bottle from behind her back. "Would you let bygones be bygones?" she asked.
"Nope!" Darian shouted, grabbing the water from Anna's hands and chugging half the bottle. "W-wait a minute..."
"Is something wrong?" Anna asked, concealing a smile.
"I...F-feel funny...D-did you drug me?" Darian asked before collapsing unconscious on the pavement.
"Maybe..." Anna giggled. She poked Darian with her foot, getting no movement from her. "Perfect." Anna leaned down to Darian and...
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