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A boy is caught spying on his sister's sleepover, and they decide that he should join them
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Chapter 2

Under your sister's bed

    by: Kylie McKee   More by this author
There is a spot under your sister's dust-ruffled bed that is just the right size for yourself. You hear footsteps and dive under it, stilling the flapping ruffle just before the door swings open, and you can hear your sister humming to herself. You wait a few minutes, listening to her coming in and out bringing, you would guess by the smell, food for her friends. Then the first round of squealing commences and you know that your sister's friends have arrived. The girls burst into the room and drop their stuff, making themselves comfortable. They begin to chat, conversation ranging from boys and what has been done to them (ewww) to makeup and clothing. And gossip. Definitely gossip. Soon, they decide to start listening to music- or blasting it, as you know happens from your sister's previous slumber parties. "Where is your iPod?" someone asks. "I think it fell under my bed- just let me find it," your sister replies. uh-oh, you think. Sure enough, to your right is the silvery gleam of your sister's iPod. You panic and...
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