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Humanity has an interesting relationship with another race. 4,780+ Views

Humanity has an interesting relationship with another race. 4,780+ Views

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This is a world where Humans were not the only ones to evolve into sentience. For in addition to humans, there was a race known as the Reptilians. One theory is that they are, somehow, related to a group of reptiles that once roamed the land millions of years prior. Of course, like that of Humans, their fossil record isn't all that neat, so the connection isn't exactly known. However, what is known for certain is this: part of their diet includes humans.

Exactly how this started is unknown, as Humans and Reptilians have co-existed for millennia. One theory is that the two groups have existed in relative harmony, and when a human was dying, from injury or sickness, they'd seek out a Worthy Reptilian to consume them. Others theorize that Humans, who evolved at some point after the Reptilians, looked at the earlier race as if they were Gods, and thus would offer themselves up to their Masters. Another theory is that, somehow, Humans were either created, or captured, in order to be livestock for the more higher ranked members of an ancient Reptilian civilization, only for the humans to either escape, or create an uprising, that eventually brought the Reptilian dominated civilization down or at least forced some sort of agreement between the two races.

What is known is this - Reptilians are allowed to claim Humans as a meal, but they have to follow certain Rules, which are as follows:

1. Rights of Consent and Refusal. A Reptilian has to gain the Consent of the Human that they want to eat in order to eat them. If the Human gives Consent, they can be eaten. However, this Consent can be Refused at any point, before being swallowed, and even after being swallowed, at least up until the Human passes out. Reptilians who do not respect the Right of Refusal, and still eat the human or do not vomit them back up if the human is in their stomach can be charged with Murder, which is punishable by being declared Legal Prey, wherein one lacks these rights and thus can be eaten without legal consequence.

2. Reptilians may claim up to twelve humans classified as Eligible Prey per year. Those classified as Eligible Prey are 18 years or older, and either have no children, or have made arrangements for others to take care of their children, which can even include the Predator themselves. Should the Human have any financial debts, the Reptilian that eats them is required to help pay off said debts afterwards. They are to also report the consumption of the human to the Authorities, as well as turn in any of the meal's personal items.

3. There is no limit on those classified as Legal Prey that a Reptilian may consume. Legal Prey doesn't have the Rights of Consent and Refusal. Those classified as this are criminals found Guilty of Capital Crimes, such as Rape and Murder and other such heinous crimes. All a Reptilian has to do afterwards is report the consumption to the Authorities. In such cases, it's possible for the Reptilian to claim a reward if the Legal Prey was an escaped prisoner with a price upon their head - more if turned in alive.

4. There is no limit on those Classified as Hospital Food that a Reptilian may consume. Hospital Food has the Rights of Consent and Refusal. People are classified as this, by their own Consent, if they have a Terminal Illness or require an extensive amount of Life Support devices in order to survive. Reptilians who consume those classified as Hospital Food have to report the consumption to the Authorities and are required to help pay any financial debts that the Human owed. Likewise, depending on prior arrangements, the Reptilian is allowed to adopt their meal's children. Interestingly, if an otherwise healthy Human notices that Reptilians are asking them if they wish to be eaten by them more often than usual, it is usually a sign that something is wrong with their health, and thus often see their doctor as a result - this is because Reptilians have an instinct for knowing if a human is in fact ill, even if the human doesn't realize it, which actually leads to treatment for illnesses that can be treated at early stages that might otherwise prove fatal later on.

5. Reptilians are not allowed to eat those classified as Ineligible Prey. These include those under the age of 18 years, single parents who haven't had a permanent caretaker of their children set up, people who have highly important jobs, like Doctors, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and other such positions. That being said, the Ineligibility can be voluntarily waived, or legally taken away, except for those under the age of 18 years. Those who voluntarily waive the privilege have the Rights of Consent and Refusal, and are treated much like Eligible Prey in all other aspects. Those who had it Legally taken away, usually as part of a criminal punishment, tend to be reclassified as Legal Prey.

6. Depending on the situation, a Human can designate a Reptilian that they know as their Designated Predator, in an event where they might lose the ability to communicate, such as a coma due to a severe head injury, or even a sudden death like the result of an accident, or death by natural causes such as a heart attack. In such cases, this doesn't count towards the Reptilian's limit of 12 Eligible Prey, but they might have to follow other things that their meal asked, such as taking care of their children if said children are under the age of 18, as well as helping to pay off any financial debts, not to mention contacting the Authorities.

7. If a Reptilian finds a human body, they are required by law to report it, as the human might be the victim of a Murder, or have other issues. Should everything be straightened out, like the murder being solved, and if the deceased doesn't have a Designated Predator, the Reptilian that found the body can claim it as a meal, and it doesn't count towards their limit, nor do they have to help pay off any financial debts.

8. If a Reptilian comes across a violent crime being committed, like an armed robbery, or a rape, where it is clear that the offender is planning to cause harm to a victim, they may consume the culprit on the spot. In this case, if the culprit's would-be victim is able to communicate, they can state if the culprit should be brought back up to face the Law, or stay in the stomach to digest. If the victim is dead, or otherwise unable to communicate, the Reptilian makes the call themselves. In any situation, the Authorities are to be contacted, who may request for the culprit to be vomited back up if still alive to face proper Legal punishment, wherein the Reptilian tends to get first dibs on eating the culprit, or if the culprit is dead or had proven to be a repeat offender, they might allow the Reptilian to keep their meal. It is also possible for the Reptilian to claim a reward in such situations.

9. Reptilians also have a Right of Refusal. Basically, if a human asks a Reptilian to eat them, for whatever reason, if the human owes more debt than the Reptilian feels comfortable paying, or if the Reptilian believes that the human can survive their illness/injury, or the Reptilian is already at their 12 Eligible Prey limit, the Reptilian can refuse to eat the human.

Reptilian Biology:

1. Physically, Reptilians resemble humanoid lizards. They also resemble them in matters such as reproduction, with each Reptilian being hatched from an egg, with up to six being laid in the average clutch.

2. Reptilians are, on average, between 8 to 12 feet tall, weighing between 500 and 800 pounds, if in good shape, possibly more if muscular or obese. For the most part, the females are a third smaller than the males, both in height and weight.

3. Reptilians come in a variety of colors, usually in shades of tan, grey, black and green, much like other reptiles. They can be solid in color, or have different patches.

4. Reptilians are mainly carnivorous, as their bodies require a great deal of protein. However, while most consider human meat to be their favorite, they mainly eat other types of meat, such as pig, cattle, sheep, goat, and other large animals, as it isn't practical to make human meat be the main dish for every meal. Likewise, they can also eat plant matter in somewhat leaner times.

5. Reptilians, upon reaching maturity at the age of 18 years, are more than capable of swallowing a fully grown human. This is partly due to their larger size, but also because they can unhinge their jaws to accommodate larger meals. This is also the time that they can legally start to consume humans, once they've gone through an important course in school.

6. Upon ingesting a living human, a Reptilian's stomach secretes a special enzyme, which acts as a mild sedative as well as a mild pleasure stimulant, wherein the human will eventually pass out, in a state of contentment. Of course, other outside factors, such as alcohol, sexual foreplay, or even consuming unwilling prey, can either increase, or reduce in the case of unwilling prey, the effectiveness of this enzyme. That being said, live prey will pass out within thirty minutes, due to a lack of adequate oxygen.

Rules for the Interactive:

1. Spelling and grammar are important.

2. Oral Vore is the only Vore allowed. Likewise, Safe Vore, wherein the Reptilian vomits the Human up, such as part of a Roleplay, is allowed.

3. Sex between Humans and Reptilians is possible, but pregnancy is unlikely to occur.

4. The interactive is to be story driven.

5. The main story setting is Futuristic with an Everyday type of theme - not all dark and authoritarian, but not all sunshine and rainbows either, much like Real Life.
5b. Historical-type settings can be allowed, providing all other rules are followed. Perhaps an exploration of History is needed.

6. While human meat is a Reptilian's favorite meal, most make do on beef, pork, mutton, and other meats. As it is, it isn't unheard of for humans and Reptilians to engage in Foodplay, where humans act as a pretend meal, even being covered in condiments and toppings, gets swallowed by their partner, puts on a struggle inside of the stomach, and after a few minutes, is let out, safe and unharmed.
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