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  1. Vacation Gone Wrong
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When your lose your clothes on vacation, you end up dressed like a teen girl.
Chapter 1

Vacation Gone Wrong

    by: Vanilla Thunder   More by this author
You were very excited. Your sister invited you to go on Spring Break with her because your parents needed to go on a business trip and why would you say no to Spring Break at a sunny beach? You just finished packing your clothes into a green suitcase and are waiting at the airport.

"So Jacob, are you excited?" Sarah asks.

"Yeah, this is gonna be fun" you say.

"You know that my friends are already there, and please don't hit on them like you always do."

"I won't I promise, they know I always joke around"

"Yeah, but the girls that don't know you won't"

"Fine, I promise" you say as you hear the announcer call your plane number and you get on with your sister.

The plane ride was okay, nothing special. You get off the plane and gather your green suitcase and get in a taxi to your hotel. When you get there you start to unpack, when you notice something wrong. Instead of your jeans, bathing suit and boxer shorts, the suitcase was filled with skirts, bikinis, panties and other feminine clothing.

"Hey Sarah, something's wrong!"

"What is it Jacob?"

"My stuff is gone" a lump appears in your throat, and you feel sick.

"Looks like the airline mixed up your luggage, I'll call and report it" she says and walks out to report it.

You sit down and try to figure out what's going to happen if you don't have clothes.

Your sister walks back in and says, "Listen Jacob, the airline says they will wait for another report about wrong luggage, but for now you are stuck with these clothes. I think that you should try them on, to see if they fit, since you'll need to wear something in case the ones you're wearing get too dirty"

"Yeah, I guess you're right"

"Okay, so just try on the casual stuff. Oh and you'll have to wear the panties because boxers don't fit right in women's clothes"

"OK, so just leave so I can change and I'll call you back in when I have something on"

What to try on first?
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