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A race of gargantuan creatures come to earth, but are they peaceful or hostile?

A race of gargantuan creatures come to earth, but are they peaceful or hostile?

This is an interactive story containing 531 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You cannot remember much, but as far back as your memory goes, the giant anthros have always been around. They arrived on earth long before your own time from a planet entirely inhabited by the titanic beings, their homeworld known as Zoonova, and they've used their highly-advanced technology to exist somewhat peacefully beside the human race. People like you have come to accept them, seeing that you live in a neighborhood where a majority of the residents are these furries and some are your friends, but others revile them for simply existing, even though these gigantic creatures could conquer earth in less than an hour's time. Fortunately, most of them are quite peaceful.

You are Alan, a pretty simple guy, living a simple life in the small town of Coalton Shores, a mining community. Let's see what happens with these massive beings around you, shall we?

The Cast

The Humans

Alan: The main character, you!

Kevin: One of your few friends that share a species with you. You don't see him much now that you've moved to the anthro neighborhood.

Sally: Another friend, but you do see her occasionally. The only other human who lives with the giants.

Mayor Bloomberg: Incredibly crotchety and ill-tempered, the mayor does everything in his power to discriminate and subject the extraterrestrial visitors.

Your Neighborhood

Meena: Your next door neighbor, a petite(not relative to you), cute batgirl. Has dark grey fur, usually wears wide rimmed glasses for her bad eyes. She's incredibly shy, even towards you. Usually wears lots of fan t-shirts for videogames for television shows, seeing as how she has geeky interests in those.

Vixie: Lives in the house across from you. A curvaceous fox woman. You don't really talk to her much, but she's friendly enough.

Reggie: Short for Regina. An incredibly hyper hyena woman that lives a few houses down. Always has rainbow streaks running through her mohawked hair, a couple piercings dotting her face, and a wild grin wherever she roams. She actually thinks you're a pretty cool guy, and she's invited you a couple times to watch her band play. You've never actually gone, however...

Lalonde: You think she's french, if giant anthros from outer space could be french. A sheep girl with tinted pink wool(possibly dyed), and incredibly curvaceous and busty at that. If she were to be measured in human standards, you believe she'd be an H-cup. You think she's nice, and she finds all humans absolutely adorable to their small size. This leads to her treating you as a toy instead of a person sometimes. Usually wears really skimpy stuff.

Baxter: Arctic Wolf. You're not on good terms with him. The guy holds a grudge against humans for some reason.

Around Town

Betty: A pudgy, if not cute cowgirl with a large chest that nearly matches Lalonde's. Runs the local supermarket. Cheery, hard-working, and southern to the bone. Usually seen in work jeans and something plaid.

Ryan: Husky. Works at the video store that you visit frequently. He doesn't particularly like you considering that you return all of the movies late.

Lily: An odd, gothic catgirl with soot-colored fur. You see her wandering around town all the time, but you never speak to her, and she never speaks to anyone. Always has her massive black leather boots on, some tight jeans, and a black hoodie that blends into her fur.

From Out of Town

Sapphira: A massive dragoness, bright blue in scale color, possibly a European dragon, also known as both planet's most wanted anthro terrorist. Known to crush entire human cities in an afternoon, it's a mysterious how she's avoided being caught for years. Leads a group of Anti-Human Anthros.

The Rules
1. Have fun.
2. The basic rules for my other stories. You read them? You should know. If not, check 'em out, or even message me.
3. Giants are allowed, I suppose...
4. These creatures are to be HUGE. A mile tall is the bare bones minimum for their height.
5. This story is to be told in 2nd person perspective, as in 'you'.
6. No ending the story, 'kay?
7. Feel free to add characters!
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