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by Glacia
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A Unique Fetish Grab bag featuring Violet Beauregarde and Female Co.

A Unique Fetish Grab bag featuring Violet Beauregarde and Female Co.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Hello and Welcome to The First Three, a long-running interactive on the oddball tales of Violet Beauregarde, her mother Scarlett and richie-rich friend Veruca Salt as they navigate a more niche version of the 2005 Wonka experience. From life before the factory to their fates after the fateful encounter, these three can't seem to catch a break from being berries, balloons and more while finding their lives forever changed for the kinky.

For the Major Details of the Story:

This interactive focuses on Violet, Scarlett and Veruca (or some combination thereof) getting blown up or possibly transformed along a rough context of the 2005 Wonka movie. Additionally, the character designs and basis for personality start from here as well, but can be expanded upon. (Legacy content may also retain the original ages of the characters, just so you know.)

For the General Rules and Guidelines:

*Please no Male Inflation or Yaoi. A bit old-school, I know. But it's worked so far and I'm gonna stick with it.

*While there's plenty to explore in Inflation, there are a few related (and unrelated) fetishes that aren't going to be in here. Please refrain from using: Weight Gain, Pregnancy, Vore, ABDL, Futa, Animal/Plant/Mineral/Some Object TFs, Watersports and Bodily Fluids, Rape, and Inflation of the extremities (Head, Hands, Feet, Uber, etc). Such chapters are excessively liable for deletion.

*While you can certainly have a good cartoony pop (and respawn), please refrain from killing anyone or using hardcore popping.

*Yuri is an element/area of appeal to this interactive, but please don't feel obligated to it.

*If you're ever unsure about adding something, feel free to shoot me an email. I'm more than happy to discuss anything on your mind for a story.

Beyond these points, it's an open exploration of these three Wonka ladies and their kinky antics. Please enjoy yourself and read/write on! The world is your oyster (or blueberry, as it were).

And a heartfelt thank you to everyone who's been a reader or writer of this series.It truly means a lot to me that what once started as a small experiment with unusual content has become a small hotbed for blueberry fun and Beauregarde appreciation.


As the Owner of the Interactive, I do hold the ability to remove or edit entries that are not within or meet the guidelines as noted above. Such entries may be subject to edits for compliance or deletion depending on the situation. I appreciate your understanding in this and am happy to work with you if you feel a deletion may have been unjustified.

Change Log

V1.0.0 - ~Oct, 2012 - The original launch of the project.

V1.0.3 - 07/30/13 - Expanded what fetishes were allotted for use. Loosened restrictions of language for Yuri content.

V1.0.6 - 11/30/13 - Made adjustments to Rules/Guidelines

V1.0.7 - 12/03/12 - Made adjustments to Rules/Guidelines

V1.0.7t - 07/06/20 - Began Quality Assurance Testing, Interactive closed

V1.1.0 - 09/21/20 - Quality Assurance Testing completed, Pruned content and revised Rules/Guidelines, Interactive reopened
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