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Two strains of viruses have turned most of humanity into anthros or zombies. 4,700+ Views

Two strains of viruses have turned most of humanity into anthros or zombies. 4,700+ Views

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Between the late 21st century and the early 22nd century, two viruses had been unleashed into the world, affecting the majority of the population. One virus turned people into zombie-like creatures that craved any form of raw meat, including human flesh. There was no humanity in them. The other virus turned people into humanoid versions of animals- typically the last animal they had touched, eaten, or worn. They tended to retain their memories, and their humanity, for the most part.

It has been over a century since their release into the world. Here is what is known:

1. The two viruses are incompatible with each other- a person infected by one can’t be infected by the other.

2. The viruses are mainly waterborne, carried in the water, and even in precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, hail). The safest way to make sure that one’s drinking water is safe- especially from the more dreaded zombie virus, is by boiling it.

3. There are uninfected humans out there- some are naturally immune, others have no immunity. Some are known as “born”-humans- their parents were anthros, but due to certain genes they were born human.

4. Currently there is no cure- especially for the Zombie virus. Those who get the Anthro virus can live out their lives. Those turned into zombies tend to be put down.

5. Anthros can have children with other types of anthros and humans. Zombies spread by biting unimmune humans.

6. Anthros tend to age at the same rate as humans, and are prone to several of the same diseases, though they are susceptible to some of the same sorts as actual animals. Zombies last for several years, sometimes decades depending on location, and situation.

7. Normal animals are unaffected by both virus, and are unable to carry either. However, zombies will still eat them, and many are still raised for food and other items for those who eat meat.

8. What a non-immune human could turn into after coming into direct contact with tainted water depends on location- if near a place full of zombies, the person will probably turn into a zombie. If the person is in a place full of anthros, odds are they’ll turn into an anthro.

9. Zombies are typically found in the Old Cities where huge populations of people used to live, like London, New York City, San Francisco, Paris, Hong Kong, Constantinople, Rome, Tokyo, Moscow, and others. However, they have been known to wander from the area. Anthros and most surviving humans live in the New Cities, most of which are built with defense in mind.

10. Pre-virus population records amounted to 15 billion people. Current records are an estimated 8 billion zombies, 4 billion anthros, 1 million “born”-humans, and ten thousand “pure” humans.

11. Zombies seem to act on very basic instincts, mainly the need to feed. They seem to lack any real intelligence, and don’t seem to learn from previous mistakes or successes. However, when they see, or hear something, such as a person moving, they will go after it, and they won’t stop until they get it, even if it means their deaths. However, there is a chance- a very slim one- that they might become intelligent enough to use weapons and tactics, and more.

12. The only sure way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain. Cutting the head off will stop the body, but the skull will continue to bite.


1. Spelling and Grammar are important.

2. Give options when making a character- especially when making different anthro types.

3. Have the story be told in the 3rd person view.
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