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by Abc314
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1903864
Who knows what could happen when an eight year old girl shrinks?

Who knows what could happen when an eight year old girl shrinks?

This is an interactive story containing 459 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Hello hello, abc314 here with a word with regard to the age of the characters involved in this story. Since all of the characters involved in this story are fully fictional, if you object to the ages it should be easy to imagine that the characters are older than they are described as being (maybe they just look young). Several great stories have been lost to people reporting them as child pornography, which this story does not aspire to be, and I would like it if this story did not join the ranks of the dead.

Special thanks to Nine, who has added dozens of fantastic chapters, and ShrinkingGirl, who helped me realize the merit of changing person. You both rock!

Sarah (you): An eight year old girl who finds herself mysteriously reduced to a bit under an inch and a half tall.
Emma (prefers to be called Em): Sarah's identical twin sister. Both twins have brown hair and blue eyes, though Emma's comes down about two inches past her shoulders while Sarah's is about half as long.
Rachel: The twins' fourteen year old sister. Rachel has green eyes and blond hair that reaches about halfway down her back. Rachel isn't very nice, but as a general rule would not hurt her siblings.
Lauren: The girls' mother. She is 37, with short, dark hair and blue eyes. A loving mother, but absentminded: she rarely thinks things through before doing them.
Mark: Lauren's 38 year old husband. Mark is on a business trip for two weeks, and should not appear in the story.
Kaylee: Sarah, Emma, and Rachel's four year old cousin. She has vivid blue eyes, thin, curly, blond hair, and is only halfway potty trained.

More characters can appear through the story as is needed, these are just Sarah and her immediate family.

Please don't be scared off by the rules, add something to the story. Please. Every single chapter counts so much!

Sarah can be killed.
Remember that Sarah is only eight years old.
While I prefer to write in second person, and most of the interactive is written in this manner, there are times when third person is more appropriate, and you may write in second or third person. Please don't write in first person, it just feels weird to read.
Please do not use links to external images in your chapters. It can be tempting to do so, but it detracts from the storytelling aspect and the images may not remain up forever, which can lead to ambiguity. Words won't change over time, web addresses might, so please use your words instead of images.

One more thing: If a chapter has slightly flawed grammar and/or spelling, I might make some very minor changes without informing the author. I will never delete a chapter or make any major change without telling its author.

I'll try to be as active as possible, so if you write a review you can expect to receive recognition for it. I'll always answer emails.

Note: All characters in this story are strictly works of fiction. Any similarities between the characters in this story and any person, real or fictional, is purely coincidental. Don't sue me!

-- This interactive is now officially one year old! Yay!
-- 100 chapters! Incredible!
-- Rules changed to be more lenient due to lack of recent chapter additions. Please add!
-- Two years of A Little Girl now! I changed the title to have all three words have uppercase letters at the start, and I also added a paragraph at the beginning of this section. We also hit 150 chapters!
-- 200 chapters?! I'm blown away. The support that this story has received is far greater than I could have ever hoped, and I'm very grateful for everyone's additions.
-- Third person is now permitted where it seems appropriate.
-- We have reached 250 chapters and 30,000 views. That's stunning. Thank you everyone who has added for making this story become something big!
-- Three years now. Very cool.
-- We've now reached four years and counting of this story. It's hard to believe that it has been here for this long!
-- I went on a bit of a writing spree and exceeded 300 chapters! We're one of the bigger shrink interactives on the site now! This is really neat!
-- Added a rule about using links to external images in chapters.
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