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by Chozo
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Millions of years in the future, two human genders must fight for supremacy and survival.

Millions of years in the future, two human genders must fight for supremacy and survival.

This is an interactive story containing 35 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
20 million years in the future humanity has colonized the entire universe and has genetically modified itself to be able to inhabit every planet, moon, and asteroid as efficiently as possible. Those who lived on enormous gas giants had to be grown to miles in stature in order to be able to withstand the enormous gravity of these plants; while those who colonized tiny asteroids had to be altered to microscopic proportions in order to eke out an existence on such a small rock.

For some unknown reason, a rift has also occurred between the genders. With cloning now the sole method of procreation, males and females decided they no longer needed each other and fought a bitter war on many of the planets in the universe. On some planets, the males prevailed, while on other worlds it was the female gender. The vanquished gender was then ethnically cleansed or enslaved by the dominant gender.

Over time the conflict began to spread out into space, as each gender sought to conquer the entire universe for itself....


Now, as far as rules and such as concerned, I am going to keep that to a bare minimum and have only 2 rules, but these two rules are extremely important.

Rule 1: Do not hijack someone's chapter and take it in a wildly different direction than intended. I cannot stress this enough. If someone is building up to something, do not make an abrupt change. This has happened to me many times in many interactives and it pisses me off. This is why I have to have my own interactive so I can control and get things back on track. If you want to steer a storyline off into another direction do so gradually, and keep options in place so that the previous author can continue on in their intended direction. This way everyone wins. :)

(If you make a chapter and someone hijacks it and steers it off course in a direction you don't like, send me a message and I will edit as necessary. I will try to avoid deleting anything unless there is no other choice.)

Rule 2: Additions must be of a somewhat reasonable level of quality. I don't demand total precision, but I do expect to see the chapters be of a reasonable length and detail and with an acceptable level of grammar. If you can't write at least at a 6th grade level then please don't bother contributing at all. It is better to have no additions at all than worthless ones. Again, I will make edits if I see fit, but I will try to avoid deleting chapters unless they are completely without any merit.

So basically that's it. There's just those two rules. Other than that anything goes. If you want to add something controversial like gay stuff, toilet stuff, incest, or whatever go right ahead. I may not like it personally, but I have no problem allowing it as long as the above rules are followed. I support free speech so I will allow anything, but remember to keep choices in place for others to do their thing as well.
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