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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1917974
The story about the pokemon journey of male trainers who gain weight along the way...

The story about the pokemon journey of male trainers who gain weight along the way...

This is an interactive story containing 28 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
The story about the pokemon journey of male trainers who gain weight along the way...

* Only males characters can gain;
* No sudden and unnatural gains - meaning no magic, weight gain formulae etc;
* More than one person may gain per story - other primary characters for example, but mainly keep to the chosen primary character;
* No vore.
* Sex allowed - male and female, only don't be too explicit.
* Primary pokemon trainers are from 16 to 18+, a fair bit older than in the anime (in part because of the previous rule, further explanation below)



As the young trainers of the Pokemon world come of age, they leave home in order to undertake the Pokemon league challenge, overcome the obstacles in their way and become the strongest that they can be.

League rules
* Entrants to the Pokemon League challenge must be at least aged 16 (in practice few are accepted until they are 18)
* Upon acceptance, trainers will be granted a starter-Pokemon by their local Pokemon League official
* To qualify for entry into the Pokemon Championship trainers must obtain at least 6 gym badges.

Orre League
The Orre Colosseum's, nicknamed the 'Orre League', are unaffiliated with the Pokemon League, and are a far tougher and brutal challenge. Though under license by the Orre government, the Colosseum are controlled and operated by the ruthless Cipher Syndicate.

Like the Pokemon League, Orre officials will provide entrants with starter-Pokemon. The challenge is less linear, trainers who achieve recognition in the Colosseum will be invited to Realgam Tower.


         Capital: Celadon City
         League: Indigo League
         Climate: Temperate
         Syndicates: Team Rocket

         Capital: Goldenrod City
         League: Silver League
         Climate: Temperate
         Syndicates: Team Galactic

         Capital: Slateport City
         League: Ever Grande League
         Climate: Tropical
         Syndicates: Team Aqua, Team Magma

         Capital: Jublife City
         League: Lily of the Valley League
         Climate: Temporate/Mountainous
         Syndicates: Team Galactic

         Capital: Castelia City
         League: Ventress League
         Climate: Temporate
         Syndicates: Team Plasma

         Capital: Phenac City and Realgam Tower
         League: Colosseum challenge (non-league)
         Climate: Desert
         Syndicates: Cipher Syndicate, Team Snagem
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