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A person looking for a little excitement in life is given the power to morph others.
Chapter 1

Choose Your Character

    by: Blarg Blargington   More by this author
In the dead of night, a spirit drifted through the air, searching for someone to amuse it. This spirit was not malicious, not in the slightest, but it was certainly mischievous. On this night it was in the mood for some transformation, but it was not looking to be the one to do the work. No, this spirit was looking to imbue someone with a power of transformation, someone they could observe as they wielded this power.

The spirit didn't just want to pick anyone, though. It was looking for a particular kind of person. While this spirit was certainly mischievous, it was also benevolent. It was looking for someone who desired a change, someone who's life it could improve by granting them with a power. And so, in the dead of night, the spirit felt itself drawn to someone wishing for change. it could sense the desire, and was drawn to it.

But who was this person?


Now it's time to chose the recipient of the powers! Each character will be a bit different, so there will be plenty of different directions for this story to go.

Jessica Rollins: Jessica Rollins is an average 20 year old girl for the most part. She's smart, pretty, and a slight bit nerdy, although she has a secret kinky side to her that she doesn't show people. She's also identifies as bisexual, but she has a slight preference for men. That said, she has far higher standards when it comes to men than when it comes to women. She's away at college studying graphic design and lives with her roommates Mai, Daniella, and Claire. They all met in freshmen year and became close friends despite their differences. Mai is a quiet Japanese-American girl with a knack for drawing, Daniella is a cheerful and bubbly Latina, and Claire is a punky girl who likes to have a good time.

Brian Walsh: Brian Walsh is just an average 16 year old boy. Not super popular or unpopular. Not the smartest but also not the dumbest. Kind of nerdy but also kind of athletic. Brian is just average. He often hangs out with his two best friends Sean and Emily. Sean is a lot like Brian, just a bit nerdier and a bit less athletic, and wears glasses. Emily is a sweet and outgoing girl that Brian has known for years and sees more like a sister than anything. Brian also has an older brother named Chris who is the star quarterback on the high school football team and a bratty younger sister named Cassie. Although he is pretty happy with his life, Brian craves for something exciting and interesting.

Laura Bennett: Laura Bennett is a rich 18 year old girl who is part of the 'popular' crowd at school. Due to her good looks and family's status, she's stuck in the circle of rich, stuck up, popular students that rule the school. She's known most of them since they were all kids as their rich parents all know each other, but over time she's slowly begun to feel like an outsider. Laura is an honors student and is actually a very nice person unlike her 'friends' who are all shallow and spoiled. Laura doesn't feel like she fits in with the popular crowd, but because of her status it's hard to make friends with the less popular people. Laura is sick of the popular life, sick of getting whatever she wants from her rich parents that she barely sees, and she's sick of feeling alone.

Dave Lorin: Dave Lorin is your typical loser. At 23 years of age he is not where he wants to be in life. After just barely graduating high school, Dave dropped out of college because he couldn't apply himself. He later became a mechanic and found a job at a local auto body shop. Dave currently shares an apartment with his much more successful buddy Geoff who he has known since childhood. Geoff has it all: a high paying job in the financial sector and a beautiful girlfriend named Maggie. Dave is happy for Geoff's success, but he can't help but feel jealous of his friend's success. Dave is not very happy with his life and low paying job and often wishes that he had tried harder in school like his overachieving younger sister Samantha.
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