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A person looking for a little excitement in life is given the power to morph others.
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Chapter 2

Laura Bennett

    by: Blarg Blargington   More by this author
Laura sighed as she walked through the door to the big house her parents owned. No one was home as usual. What was the point of having such a nice house if they weren't around to enjoy it? It had been another dull day at school for Laura, having to deal with her snobby rich 'friends' and act like she was part of their crew. She hated that she was born into money and was expected to be friends with such disgustingly fake people. And she couldn't even be friends with regular kids because they all assumed she was just like the people she was forced to associate with.

Laura made her way to her room and took a look at herself in the mirror as she passed it by. She wasn't one to fawn over her appearance, but she couldn't complain about her good looks. She had a nice figure, pretty blue eyes, and a decent pair of C-cup breasts. She also had shoulder length blonde hair with a few streaks of pink near the front. Even though her parents bought her all kinds of nice clothes, she preferred to wear jeans and t-shirts, and that's what she was wearing today.

Laura sighed again, that sat down on her bed. "I wish I didn't have to deal with this life," she said to no one in particular.

Maybe I can help you with that, she heard a voice in her head reply. It sounded mysterious and otherworldly.

"Who said that?"

Oh, no one special. I'm just a friendly spirit. I have taken pity upon you.

As the voice spoke, Laura felt energy flowing through her. "What are you doing to me?" Laura asked.

I have given you the ability to freely transform people's physical and mental traits as you see fit. Try it for yourself and see.

And then the voice was gone. "Hello?" Laura called out. There was no response. She didn't that that she had imagined the whole thing so she decided to try it out. She glanced down at the chipped blue nail polish on her fingernails and pictured the nails being perfectly painted. Laura let out a loud gasp when her nails changed in response. She couldn't believe it was real.

After getting over her initial shock, Laura thought about what she should do next.
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