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A person looking for a little excitement in life is given the power to morph others.
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Chapter 2

Dave Lorin

    by: Blarg Blargington   More by this author
Dave stumbled into his bedroom after another night out drinking. This night had been a little more intense, however. It wasn't because it was Friday and he had the weekend to look forward to. Normally he would be drinking to celebrate that. No, tonight he was drowning his sorrows as he had just been fired from his job as a mechanic. Instead of getting buzzed as usual, Dave had gone and got himself completely shitfaced. It was a miracle that he managed to make it home.

"Fuck, life sucks," Dave grumbled as he collapsed onto his bed. "I wish things could get better." A moment later, he was passed out.

And thus began a night of bizarre dreams. Dave heard a voice in his head telling him that he had the ability to transform people's bodies, clothes, a minds, and then he did those things, changing people to his will.

Upon waking, Dave didn't remember the dreams. All he could think about was his hangover. Wiping his disheveled shoulder length brown hair out of his face, Dave made his way to the kitchen, where he found his friend and roommate Geoff having breakfast with his girlfriend Maggie. The two were chatting about what they were doing this weekend.

"Morning, man," Geoff said. "Coffee's in the pot if you want some."

"Hi Dave," Maggie said, waving.

Dave just grunted.

"You alright, man?" Dave asked, sounding a bit concerned.

"Lost my job yesterday," Dave grumbled as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Oh no," Maggie said. "That's terrible. Anything we can do to help?"

"Probably not," Dave said with a sigh.

"I'm sure something will turn up," Geoff tried to reassure him. Dave wasn't buying it.

After finishing his coffee, Dave went to the bathroom and took a nice long shower. That's when he remembered the dream he had. Was it possible that his wish for things to get better had been granted in some bizarre backwards way?

Only one way to find out if this power is real, Dave thought as he stepped out of the shower. Looking in the mirror, he willed for his hair to shorten and his face to be shaved.

"Holy fuck!" he exclaimed as the changes happened before his eyes. Slowly, his long hair retreated into his scalp, shrinking to about half its length. It was still longish for a guy, but it didn't reach his shoulders anymore. His scraggly facial hair shorted too, giving him his normal clean shaven look he had before he had neglected to shave for the past few days.

Still amazed, Dave dried himself off and got dressed, all the while his mind racing. Dave then returned to the kitchen where Geoff and Maggie were still chatting. He wondered if he should use his power on them as he looked them over. Geoff was a good looking guy with short, neatly combed dark hair and a chiseled jawline. He was also in shape, and he had a high-paying financial job that allowed him to afford nice clothes. Then there was his girlfriend Maggie, a pretty blonde of average height and weight with a gorgeous figure, lovely D-cup breasts, and a beautiful face. She was also a really nice person to boot. Dave couldn't help but feel jealous of Geoff even though they had been great friends for close to 15 years. He had a great job and a beautiful girlfriend.

His thoughts then found their way to his younger sister Samantha who was still in college. She was pretty too, with long brown hair, a nice slender figure, and perky B-cup breasts. She was also a bit of an overachiever. Dave wished he could have applied herself like she did. She was usually nice enough, but sometimes she rubbed that fact in his face, even if it was usually accidental.

Dave sighed and returned his focus to the moment. He had just learned he had gained a new power to transform people's bodies and minds, he wasn't not going to use it.
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