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You're a human lifeguard on a beach for giant monsters. Can you survive? Fantasy Only.

You're a human lifeguard on a beach for giant monsters. Can you survive? Fantasy Only.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
(9/21/2016: Under new management. Originally created by RedHurricane)

You are Stephen, a human washed up on Gravefield Beach in Terrordale, a city populated entirely by titanic sized versions of the monsters of folklore and legend. You had no idea this would happen but you made the most of it becoming a lifeguard at the beach. They needed somebody who could keep a good eye and weren’t picky about what they hired. Of course, being the only human in a beach for monster giants is extremely dangerous. Can you guard your own life?

          Beach Staff

Roxy Maza- Your partner. A 750ft tall gargoyle with long black hair and yellow skin. A little on the pudgy side but still beautiful. You basically ride on Roxy’s shoulder and act as a second pair of eyes for her. She's also the older (but shorter) sister of Petra from my Monster Arms story.

Fran Cisco- Your supervisor. A blue skinned troll girl, muscular in appearance. Shorter than Roxy but taller than Stella. Fran is overly friendly towards humans, but not very smart. Speaks in broken English. But she does like you, a little more than you’d like.

Chihiro- A younger new addition to the beach. (Addition by UltraGTS), A giant 18 year old (in appearance) chimera with crab claws for hand, a human upper body, a scorpion's tail and spider legs. Appears in certain story lines. She was originally going to be a mutate and then I retconned her to a nightmare but she got out of hand and her creator harassed me to a breaking point so I made her a chimera human hybrid. (Note: Please only include Chihiro in this interactive. I don't want to see her in any of my other inter actives).

Lascivite Angeline Jedore- An OC of the 12th doctor. Lascivite is a 950ft tall forest green-skinned and purple haired succubus. She has an athletic body but gargantuan breasts due to a medical condition. Unlike other succubi, he prefers to be by herself, not being interested in romance. This makes her seem cold, but she can warm up to particually nice people. Despite this, she is obsessed with her unusually large breasts, always taking extra care of them. She loves horror movies and books, particularly psychological thrillers. She adores the color purple.


Stella Birnbaum- A blonde haired hourglass figured fairy with bright orange butterfly wings. Stella is a rival lifeguard of both you and Roxy and extremely haughty. She’s very arrogant towards humans and is always making you feel small(er than usual). You really hate her and think she shouldn’t be working here.

Paisley Van Manen- Your worst enemy. A giant hourglass shaped mermaid with short primrose colored hair and the tail of a purple tiger shark. Paisley lives in an underwater grotto near the beach and is rude and insulting towards land based monsters. Unfortunately for you humans are Paisley’s favorite food and she warned you that if she saw you in the water, she’d gobble you up. Speaks in a slight British accent.

          Surfers- You know a few surfer girl monsters that visit Gravefield Beach. Some are good and some you don't get along with.

Lila Tepes- A young and voluptuous vampire girl. She's very sweet and bubbly and surprisingly has never tasted blood in her life. In fact, Lila is so afraid of blood that she panics whenever she sees it. In your opinion, she's a pitiful excuse for a vampire.

Connie Andrews- A BBW goth naga girl. Connie has the upper body of a dark skinned woman, but the lower body of a purple anaconda. Despite her fearsome appearance, she's friendly towards you. Of course, you think it's only because she can't eat humans without suffering an allergic reaction.

Reimu Shiibashi- The showoff jock of the monster surfers who visit the beach. Reimu is a giant gray furred baku girl and doesn't like humans that much. She often acts as if you're not there

Carmen Bando- A giant curvaceous bandersnatch woman. Resembles an orange furred cross between a dingo and a fox. She's the jokester of the surfers and has a big appetite, though she never gains a pound. You don't know if she'd eat humans but you don't want to take chances seeing she'll eat everything else.

Hannah Yamaguchi- A blue skinned tengu woman with long white hair. Unfortunately for you, hannah enjoys torturing humans, although the other monsters are unaware of it, she is a sadistic creature that treats humans as little more than insects. You're afraid of the things she'd do to you if she caught you.

Kouna Andrews- An addition by UltraGTS. Kouna is Connie's twin sister and looks identical to Connie albeit more girly and with a pink bikini. Like her sister, Kouna doesn't eat humans and instead is a lot more flirtatious, especially towards you.

          Beachgoers- There are several non surfers at the beach you often interact with.

Kath Williams- A white furred weretigress. A shy sort of monster that visits the beach in order to paint. She never interacts with the other monsters, but you think she’s nice.

Mesa Bovine- A giant white and brown furred minotaur woman, heavyset in body shape with a huge udder. Mesa runs a beach grill and is very friendly towards both you and Roxy. Though she often tells you that one day she’ll cook you up to serve you to the next monster girl to come to the grill or eat you herself. You really hope she’s joking.

Opal- A giant pinkish skinned carbuncle. A creature resembling a giant puma with a crystal in her forehead. Opal has the beach’s permission to work as a fortune teller in a “Tent of Telekinesis”. Although you’re not sure what she thinks of humans.

Laura Lernean- A red skinned hydra scuba diver. Her four heads are always finishing each other’s sentences. You don’t know much about her since Laura never speaks to anyone. Unlike the other beach goers Laura is a scuba diver. However, everyone says she’s trouble since she’s from Horrorville.

April Howler- A pair shaped dire werewolf artisan that uses seashells and glass washed up on the beach for her crafts. She's crazy about you and tells people that she's your girlfriend whenever you're together. You usually try to avoid her because April's a borderline yandere. Ironically, even though April's friendly towards humans, Lupa from Monster Arms is her cousin.

Elena Ryd Murdoch - A 950ft tall Pegasus and an additional by the 12th Doctor. Elena has grey fur all over her body, long, black hair, and brown eyes. She has large wings on her back and hooved feet. She has average sized breasts and a decent butt. Due to her years of drinking, she has developed a permanent beer gut, which is actually full of beer. Elena's years of drinking have left her in a permanently drunken state. By that, we mean even if she hasn't had a drink for days, she will still be completely drunk. Her years of drinking have also changed her body: her belly has become a beer storage facility, and whenever she drinks, the beer doesn't digest; it just stays in her gut and accumilates and she can't get it out. For some reason, it never spoils. Despite both of these, she is fairly nice.

Andrea Kennick - A 900ft werewolf who is an O.C. of the 12th Doctor. Andrea has brown eyes, but no hair or fur due to her nature, showing her icy blue skin. Her body shape is unknown, since she always wears a bulky mechanical suit to simulate a sub-zero environment. It is known that she does not have Lactose Overload Syndrome. Andrea was born with a bizarre genetic mutation that made it so she cannot survive out of a sub-zero environment. It also made it so anything she touched was frozen solid. As she got older, she was given a suit to keep her body at sub-zero and keep her freezing ability in check. Despite this, Andrea is a fairly decent person, if a bit anti-social. She has earned the nickname "Ms. Freeze" due to her nature resembling comic character Mr. Freeze. She hates this nickname.

Susan Marcus Carvonis - An 800ft chimera addition by the 12th Doctor. Susan has three heads: a snake, a hippo, and a panther. All The Snake has black scales, orange eyes and is bald, the hippo has grey skin, blue eyes and is bald, and the panther head has light grey fur, black eyes, and short red hair. The body is that of a really fat, anthro panther with a snake for a tail. She wears a blue, one-piece bikini. Like Aquell, Susan is insane. She harbors an unhealthy obsession with Roxy, having a creepy crush on her. A room in her home is even a stalker shrine to Roxy. She is usually seen watching Roxy or stealing swimsuits she has worn and wearing them herself. Each head has a different approach: the snake, who is shy, watches from afar; the hippo, the most sane head, simply wants to talk; and the panther, the most insane head, steals her possessions and becomes violent if anyone talks to Roxy. Each head also has a different appetite: the snake is a vegan, the hippo only eats cooked meat, and the panther eats humans.

Zoe Orcaton - A 985ft tall Were-orca who is an OC of the 12th Doctor Zoe has shiny black-and-whit skin, no hair, and black eyes. Being a were-orca, Zoe is gargantuanly obese, to the point where if she were human, she'd weigh 8 tons. Despite this, she is not immobile. She has legs and can walk on land. Zoe is the definition of a glutton. There's one thing on her mind at all times, and that's "eat, eat, eat". As long as Zoe is eating, she's happy. Whenever she is seen, she is always eating. She is also extremely proud of her massive weight. She thinks fat is sexy, and wants all women in the world to be fat. She is friends with Helena Krofft in Monster Slopes.

         Psychos- There’s a mental hospital built near the beach that's called the Kaiju Disarming Plant because of the large number of dangerously insane monsters admitted there. Unfortunately some of the patients tend to escape the K.D.P. and retreat to the beach. You and Roxy have to make sure they don’t cause trouble on the beach.

Natasha Bailey- A drider giantess with the lower body of a black widow spider. Natasha is an insane monster that thinks she's a pirate in the 17th century. She's the most openly violent of the five regular patients that break out and is known to mug people and trap them in her spider webs. You and Roxy mainly have to make sure she doesn't attack anyone.

Jen Handel- An blue and white haniver girl. Basically a monster resembling a humanoid manta ray. Jen suffered a head injury and now thinks she is Dr. Saturday, a mad scientist from a science fiction movie she watched. She is out to try and take over Terrordale, starting with the beach.

Eunice Dent- A spriggan, a type of grotesque fairy. Half her body has red colored while the other half is blue. She's extremely bipolar. One minute she's nice and sweet, and the next minute she's dangerously angry and psychopathic. Stella doesn't like her, seeing her as a disgrace to the fairy race.

Mira Clay- A giant purple skinned clay golem girl. Mira is a paranoid giantess who believes that the sky is evil and is going to fall down on her head. As such, she can usually be seen hiding indoors or underneath something.

Phoebe Ordain- A beaked phoenix harpy girl. Phoebe is a pyromaniac and the most dangerous psycho in the hospital. Opal holds a grudge against her for burning down her tent.

Avery- An addition by UltimateNeo. Avery is a 27 year old 300ft chimera creature. Unlike most chimeras, she is a hybridized monster with the appearance of a landshark, the strength and suction cupped arms of an octopus and the ice powers of a Yuki-Onna. She can breathe underwater and turn invisible. Normally peaceful but goes into a rage yelling "Musha, musha, MUSHA!" whenever she sees blood. She started to go crazy when she was 12 and witnessed her human boyfriend murdered by a vampire serial killer who kidnapped them both. She snapped and tore the killer apart and was said to have eaten part of her. That's when she was sentenced to the K.D.P.


Dr. Kaguya West- (Addition by UltimateNeo) The head of the mental hospital. A giant kitsune woman with golden fox tails and ears. She's usually the one to report the psychos breaking loose. Fortunately for you she's mostly a vegetarian as far as humans are concerned.

Aquell Cousteau Harker- An addition by the 12th Doctor. Aquell is a 725ft tall oni with orange skin, red eyes, and short black hair. She has small horns on the top of her head and fangs. Her body used to be hourglass shaped, but her years in her submarine have somehow made her incredibly fat. Aquell is a bizarre woman. She is always on her submarine, searching the sea bed for sunken treasure. She used to do it with her best friends, but they died in a storm. The loneliness and loss of her friends drove her insane. She now thinks of the submarine as a living person and her best friend.

Sheila (no last name) - An 800ft tall electricity elemental who is an OC of the 12th Doctor. Sheila's body is made of yellow electricity that constantly sparks. The electricity on the top of her head is made to look like a ponytail. She has solid white eyes and no mouth, though she can still talk and eat. She is very fat from her years of laying around, though is still fairly attractive. Sheila is probably the laziest person ever. When she shows up at someone's house, she plants herself on the couch and never, ever leaves. She'll mooch off of whoever owns the house, eating their food and hogging the TV. She's also very rude, insulting everyone she meets and belching a lot. She is too lazy to get a job, so she never pays for ANYTHING.

Ambrosine Sanfourche Peinture - A 1100ft succubus who is an OC of the 12th Doctor Ambrosine has violet skin, black eyes, and medium length red hair tied in a bun. Ambrosine is massively fat, to the point of immobility, though she uses a motorized board to get around. She always wears black underwear and an artist's smock. Ambrosine is a famous French artist, known for her incredible paintings of landscapes, people, and things she dreams of. But she is also very temperamental. She demands nothing less than perfection from her models, who are all succubi, and flies into a rage if things aren't 100% perfect. She always speaks French, so one model, Kali, has to translate for her.


Please keep the story in second person.
All monsters are giants. 300 feet is the minimum
Horrorville and Terrordale are twin cities. However, monsters from both cities don’t get along with each other most of the time.
Keep male monsters to a minimum. Only females can interact with or harm Stephan
Also keep underage monsters to a minimum. All the monsters on the character list are adults.
No toilet stuff
No extreme sexual content. Keep it clean, please.
NO HUMAN GIANTESSES! It says Monster in the title. That should give you a clue.
I'd prefer for this story to remain a fantasy story with fantasy styled monsters
Please keep the monsters fantasy monsters. No Sci Fi please like mecha, robots or mutates. I had a bad experience with them back when this story had them
Try not to end the story too soon
You can add more monster girls if you want
Please no Male Preds or any interaction with Male Giant privates! I thought I didn't have to say it!

Those are the rules. Try to survive.

For what the beach staff do in the winter. Go here.
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