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One of your relatives is a mad scientist and will change your life.
Chapter 1

It begins...

    by: Scifiwizard   More by this author
"Oh man, I thought this day would never end!" moaning, you muttered.

You plopped onto a couch in the sitting room of your home, happy that it was finally the weekend. This new school you and your friends had transferred into was a real pain. It combined the middle and high school into one joined building, making it almost a literal mad house in the halls between classes. You had thought it would be easier, being able to mingle in with the higher class men but no such luck. Still, you had your friends Jack and Tonya.

You thought of your brothers. You knew that Tex was with Jack, out fishing by the lake and that Mat was up in his room, playing with his action figures. Then you thought of your eldest brother James, having just vanished a year ago without a word or any signs of where he might have gone. He was popular enough at school and he had no enemies. You and Tonya had asked around but no one knew anything, it was as if he simply fell off the planet.

Tonya tried to comfort you a few times by trying to get you to try out for the cheer squad but you were not sure about the cheer captain, Christina Wells. She seemed to have something against those younger than her and often treated them poorly. Tonya only made it on the team because she has great skills and the coach asked her to sign up, some thing that infuriated Christina greatly.

You sighed, remembering your dad saying that James was finally coming home that night, and leaned back in the couch only to feel something hard against your back. You reached behind you and pulled out a large faded book.

"Chaotic Science?" reading the title, you asked. "As in mad science? You can't be serious."

You had believed in science but not mad science, it was just a made up phrase for movies and books. Jack and Tonya did not believe in mad science either and were weary towards the concept of magic. You wondered who had brought it in the house and if it was a joke at your expense. Normally, you would have just put it down and walk away but something was drawing you to open the book. Just as you touched the cover to do so, you heard someone call your name...
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