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One of your relatives is a mad scientist and will change your life.
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Chapter 4

Your brothers do not enter.

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"We're home." tiredly, Tex called from the other room. "Jack is with me, we're going up to relax."

"That's fine." smiling, dad called back. "I'll call you when its time for supper. Is Jack staying long?"

"Just an hour or so, Mr M." Jack called. "My mom wants me to get my homework done tonight."

With that, the two walked up the stairs without even glancing at the sitting room. Once the door to Tex's room slammed shut, you breathed a sigh of relief as dad turned to you, smiling. "I could have allowed them to see your temporary new look." softly, he said. "However, it is important that you trust me. Your brothers will have powers just like my own in time and there will be pranks played all around."

"Pranks played on me." downcast, you said. "Thanks for not letting them see me like this."

Dad sighed and waved his hand, returning you to your normal female self then changed your clothing back to the girls school uniform. "There are strict rules and laws governing the use of chaotic energy, mad science." serious, he said. "Outside of a few 'harmless' pranks, I would never harm you."

"I know that." pouting, you said. "Still, making me a boy..."

"There is no harm in being a boy for a few minutes or even a few weeks so long as you do not find this in your hand." igniting a flame, dad said. "If that happens, Jessica will be no more and Jessie will be born."

"You said pranks will be played all around." gulping, you said. "Does that mean I'm going to be singled out?"

"Not at all." gently, dad said. "The boys will be pulling pranks on each other as well as receiving pranks from you, with a little help from me." he turned to a portrait of your late mother on the wall. "I promised your mother I would protect you and one of the laws of a mad scientist is never to lie. We can hide the truth but we can never directly lie."

"What does that mean for me?" curious, you asked. "If all boys are mad scientists, what power do the girls in this family have?"

Dad smiled and replied...
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