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  1. It Begins
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A scientist creates a ray gun that alters size. GTS, BE, vore, anything welcome.
Chapter 1

It Begins

    by: anakinguy   More by this author
Lara Finnegan's physics class was coming to an early end, and the students couldn't be happier for it. Nobody was paying much attention to the lecture anymore, the summer heat was becoming unbearable. This had been the hottest June on record, one of the wettest, too, and to make matters worse, the class was being held in the oldest building on campus. The air conditioner had broken, so the building provided little solace to the students. The rain had just started again.

Normally there would be about seventy students in Professor Finnegan's class, though many were skipping to avoid the heat, so only 24 showed up today. Some wanted to avoid the rain that had come in during the week, which only served to make the heat worse by causing the humidity to skyrocket once the rain finished. On top of that, there was always one student who came in late, often causing a slight interruption to the lecture, much to Finnegan's annoyance.

Although it may have been too hot to pay attention to the lecture, some of the students still could not take their eyes off of Professor Finnegan's body. She was fairly young, in her late 20's, with long light brown hair, and a petite, yet curvy body. She stood at an average 5'9", and could blend into a crowd, if not for her exceptional face, accentuated by her glasses.

"I'm going to call it a day, class", she said, scanning the room, knowing nobody was paying attention anymore, "be sure to read chapters 18 and 20 to cover what we didn't cover today, see you tomorrow", and she gathered her papers and left, forgetting a small briefcase on her desk. She, and 13 of the student left at the time. 4 of the students were sleeping, and were just waking up, 6 of them were taking awhile to leave, staying behind and joking with each other, and 2, Mark and Jenna, boyfriend and girlfriend, who noticed that she had left behind a small suitcase.

Curious, they walked up, and noticed it was unlocked, so they opened it, and saw something that looked like a ray gun from a sci fi movie. They picked it up and looked at each other perplexed, when a drop of water fell from the ceiling onto the gun, and the room was filled with a bright light and a loud crack


When the flash subsided and the ringing in their ears stopped, the 12 students in the class noticed that everything around them was gigantic, and it dawned on them that they shrunk. Jenna noticed that mark was crushed under the size gun, now laying on the floor. They began to panic, when they heard footsteps from the hall, and in stepped...
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