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An amulet has the ability to transfer a pregnancy into ANYONE. Add a chapter, earn GP!

An amulet has the ability to transfer a pregnancy into ANYONE. Add a chapter, earn GP!

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There is a amulet that exists purely for the purpose of easing the burden of child-bearing for a woman. Nobody knows where it came from, or how it exactly works. Only that it takes a woman's pregnancy and puts it into someone else, ANYONE else in fact, even men, should the need ever arise.

Now this amulet has found it's way into the modern day world, and who knows what might happen?

Thanks to "a" for getting started on the "Mom" storyline! Keep up the good work!

Get any stories or chapters and earn GP! I have a lot of GP to give away!

The Rules (Follow Them. Respect Them. Don't Break Em)
1. No characters under 18. Seriously bro, don't do it.
2. Pregnancy/Male Pregnancy.
3. Good Grammar/Spelling. It doesn't have to be flawless, but make an effort.
4. No one sentence, one paragraph chapters. Come on son.

How The Amulet Works:
So maybe it's magic, or maybe it's an advanced piece of alien technology. Who knows? But here how it works:
1.The device can transfer a pregnancy from one person to another (male or female). Once a pregnancy has been transferred, the now-pregnant person believes themselves to have been pregnant the whole time, HOWEVER, Reality DOES NOT CHANGE, to reflect this.
(Clothes will not change, cribs will not magically appear, so on).

2. Once a pregnancy is transfered from one person to the next, the traits of the child (should they be born from this now-pregnant person) will genetically match the person it was transferred into. (TL,DR The kid biologically changes to be like the now-pregnant person)

3.The amulet can safely store 6 pregnancies at anytime to be transferred into anyone. Once the person holding the amulet wishes to set everything back the way it was, they just press the big "X" in the center of the amulet.

4. The amulet affects the minds of everyone. So a person who was pregnant but was transfer will remember the person not being pregnant, and vice-versa for someone the pregnancy is being transfer into.

5. I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong and the device go haywire and start rewriting reality. You know if it was dropped or got damaged in some way, I'm sure nothing bad might happen.
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