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A scifi adventure of weird sex and bizarre transformations in the far future.

A scifi adventure of weird sex and bizarre transformations in the far future.

This is an interactive story containing 1,127 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This story is intended for adults only. Read at your own risk. This story is a work of fiction, as are all people, places, and events depicted within, no matter how closely they may resemble real people, places, or events. The actions taken by the characters of this story are often immoral, illegal, or perverted in nature, and in no way reflect the views of the author, nor are they encouraged to be undertaken by anyone in real life, ever, under any circumstances. Having said that..........

Welcome to the Velusian cluster, a near utopian society of the far future where bizarre transformations are common, and casual sex is the norm. Ruled by the wise and benevolent, if somewhat eccentric Queen Amelia Velus, the cluster contains dozens of inhabitable worlds, some explored, some not. The cluster is also home to some of the most advanced technology in all of human space, including warp drive, long range matter teleporters, advanced robotics and cybernetic technology, cloning, nanites, and the extraordinary change machines, which allow anyone to change themselves in virtually any way they choose as long as the proper template is available. All this technology has allowed the clusters citizens to virtually eliminate the aging process, as well as death by natural causes. It has also, along with a number of other contributing factors, made the cluster one of the freest society's to ever exist, with things like casual sex, public nudity, incest, multiple spouses, and homosexual relationships being common place and readily accepted by most citizens of the cluster. The basic rule in the cluster is, if it doesn't hurt anyone else, you can probably get away with doing it, and if a particular fetish exists, you can be sure that if you look hard enough, you'll be able to fulfill it one way or another.

If you decide to add a chapter, this is intended to be a combination scifi adventure and fetish sex romp. This fic contains or may contain transgender, bizarre transformations, age regression, age progression, breast expansion, voluntary amputation of body parts or detachable parts, multiple limbs, breast, heads, ect.,conjoinment, futanari, robots, aliens, nanites, voluntary slavery, public nudity, incest, sex of all kinds(Straight or lesbian sex preferred), and pretty much any other perversion anyone decides to add.

Try to keep the story lines involving furies, weight gain, growing, or shrinking to a minimum. Their allowed, just don't overdo it. Also, no dead ending a story line. You always need to include at least one option to allow other people to continue the story from where you left off. If you decide you want to kill or seriously injure any of the main characters, you must also include an option that allows them to avoid that fate.

A couple of notes on transformation in this story, and the change machines in particular. Essentially, a character can be transformed by virtually any means that you can think of as long as it seems more or less scientific, such as surgery, nanites, a machine that allows someone to swap bodies, cloning etc. Many of these means are either available on the open market, or only slightly controlled, with the amount of difficulty in acquiring a particular means of transformation determined by the degree of change it causes, who it can effect, and the amount of damage it could do in the wrong hands. Basically, if a particular device can be used to change someone against there will in a way that would be deemed harmful by most people (keeping in mind that the people of the cluster have a fairly loose definition of the meaning of harm) than it will most likely require some sort of permit to acquire, or be totally unavailable to your average citizen by legal means. Of course, there's always the black market......

The change machines are a little different. The machines are the fastest method of changing, and allow the widest variety of options, but aren't usually used for simple types of transformations, because their also the most expensive due to the massive amounts of power they require to operate. The basic made up science behind them is that their essentially a type of highly modified teleporter, that instead of disassembling the person or object it's suppose to be teleporting and beaming their pattern elsewhere, then reassembling them in the new location like a regular teleporter, the change machines instead disassembles the person or object, then replaces their original pattern with a new one before reassembling them in the new form chosen. Because it's capable of changing a person in virtually any way imaginable, some of which can be very dangerous or harmful, either to the user, or the population at large, and because the way it works is still top secret even though the citizens of the cluster have been using the technology for generations, it's tightly controlled by the government. Citizens can only make use of the change machines at the special government change centers mentioned earlier. Such centers also offer most of the other means of transformation available to the public at rates comparable to those found on the open market.
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