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gwen tennyson becomes a giant

gwen tennyson becomes a giant

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It was a nice day summer day in a suburb of Los Angles, the temperature was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit so everyone was trying to get to the pool or someplace cool. Gwen Tennyson was no exception. She wanted to get to her local public pool as fast as she could. Gwen ran out of her house, said bye to her mom and told her that she was going to go to the pool down the street. “Be careful Gwen make sure you wear your helmet when you ride your bike” Gwen’s mom said as she ran out the door. Gwen got on her bike and began to bike toward the pool which was just down the street.

She soon made it there and ran inside of the pool and lied down on a lounge chair right by the deep end of the pool. Gwen saw one of her friends from school and called her over to her chair. “Hey Lauren can you please help me and put some sun tanning lotion on me” Gwen asked. “Sure I can do that” Lauren said as she ran over to Gwen and began to apply the sun tanning lotion to her back. “Wow Lauren this feels amazing can you please put more on” Gwen said. “Yeah I can” Lauren said as she began to put tons of the sun tanning lotion on Gwen’s back. “Opps I spilled some on your bathing suit” Lauren said. “That’s ok I don’t mind” Gwen said back.

“Hey Gwen do you feel a little different” Lauren asked. “No why so you ask me that” Gwen asked. “Well you seem to be getting bigger” Lauren said. “What do you mean” Gwen asked standing up. “That is what I mean Gwen” Lauren said as she looked forward at Gwen’s waist. “Wow I am getting bigger” Gwen said as she continued to grow. “Hey my nice swimsuit is growing to. “Wow everything is so small I have to be like fifty feet tall” Gwen said as she stopped growing. “You know I am super hungry right now I didn’t get much to eat this morning to breakfast so I think that I will just eat some people” Gwen said as she reached down and began to eat people. “Yummy you all taste so good” Gwen said. “Now I am thirsty I think that I should drink something” Gwen said. “Oh I know the pool” Gwen said picking up the elevated pool with one hand.

“Please don’t eat us” someone inside the pool said. “Well I won’t eat you I will just swallow you whole” Gwen said as she tilted her head back and dumped the pool into her mouth, along with all the people. Gwen then swallowed all the water, and said “I feel so much better now I want to go see what else the great city of Los Angles has to offer a great giantess like me” Gwen said as she began to walk to downtown!!
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