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by Frost
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Three size changing sisters have a very odd relationship.

Three size changing sisters have a very odd relationship.

This is an interactive story containing 171 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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Ecological scientists Donovan and Marie Lancaster are called to a research expedition in the Arctic Circle, leaving their three daughters alone for the summer. Any normal set of parents would be worried, but the Lancasters are especially concerned given that their children have the power to shrink and grow things at will thanks to the power of a magic crystal

The sisters, at the order of their parents, have vowed to not to use their powers on outsiders. However, they’ve made a separate deal with each other: anything goes between the three of them. This of course leads the sisters to try to have as much fun as possible at the expense of their siblings.

A quick rundown of their powers: They can all shrink and grow things and other people at will. However, if one of them is shrunk by someone else, they cannot grow themselves back. Although, a magic crystal keeps them immune from the other sisters' powers.


Audrey: At 24 Years old, she’s the eldest of the Lancaster sisters. She’s currently a student teacher at her old high school. Now that it’s Summer, she’s babysitting her younger sisters. Since her parents are away, Audrey expects her siblings to do as she says or else they will be a quarter of an inch tall at the business end of her foot. She never abuses her powers on her sisters unless they actively disobey her though she's known to go way overboard in the name of justice.
Physical characteristics: Light brown hair, green eyes, and a short, thick/stocky figure compared to her sisters. Her magic crystal is pink and attached to an anklet.

Riley: 19 year old college student back home for Summer break. As an artist and freelance photographer, she’s the most likely to think outside the box when dealing with her tiny siblings. She documents her life and creative use of her powers on the internet for her absurdly large follower base, much to the annoyance of her sisters. Generally a pacifist but can have a blind spot to her sisters' well-being when she's feeling "inspired."
Physical characteristics: Red hair, gray eyes, freckles, and a tall, thin figure. Her magic crystal is blue and attached to a necklace.

Penelope (Penny): 18 year old senior currently in her teenage rage phase, often taking her frustrations out on her schoolmates. Generally a misanthrope and not above shrinking those who royally piss her off. This mostly comes from the fact that she's often helpless and at the mercy of her sisters. She also has a secret, almost crippling fear of heights that she refuses to tell her sisters about because she’s afraid they’ll use it against her.
Physical characteristics: Dyed black hair, green eyes, and a short thin figure. Her magic crystal is green and attached to a bracelet.

Feel free to introduce new characters. Options include: family members, close friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, or even strangers (at the risk of breaking their cardinal rule and being punished).


The Lancaster House: Shrinking only. The house where all three sisters were raised but is now only occupied by Penny and her parents. A rather spacious home with enough room for the three to live at normal size. Each of the girls' rooms are personalized sanctums for the owner and torture chambers for their sisters.

Audrey's Apartment: Shrinking only. An incredibly tiny one room, one bathroom apartment. Enough space for Audrey and Audrey alone, but she insists on shrinking her siblings to make room.

The Summer Cabin: Both shrinking and growth. An isolated cabin in the middle of the mountains and the only place where the girls feel like themselves given that it's the few places they're allowed to grow. The three often love to sleep on the mountain ranges, use the lake as a bathtub, and just toy with the locals who've known the sisters since they were children.

Feel free to introduce new locations.


1. A basic understanding of grammar please. You don’t have to be Hemingway, but at least make your additions readable.
2. No incest. (Exceptions can be made for unaware. Email me first for approval.)
3. Anyone who changes size cannot die. The shrinking and growth prevents death but not injury.
4. The minimum size is 1/16th of an inch, and the maximum size is 500 feet (Though this is more of a loose guideline).
5. Growth is allowed in certain locations (basically away from large populations).
6. If you want to introduce a new character with powers, email me first.*
7. One sentence choice chapters will be deleted if not added to in the next three days.
8. Feel free to email me on any questions, requests, comments etc.
10. Go crazy and get creative.

*Edited on 4/14/17
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