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  1. a new beginning
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young looking petite woman gets mistaken for a child
Chapter 1

a new beginning

    by: Kentwolf   More by this author
Jessica smiled as she watched the moving van drive off. she closed the front door and looked around at her boxes. not a lot of them, finally having her own house with space for things, she would clearly need to go shopping to fill this place. she collapsed onto her brown leather couch and chuckled to herself. she was finally going to be a real journalist. she had the job and her savings would keep her going for a while anyway.

her smile faded as she realized how much unpacking she had in front of her. standing up again she clapped her hands together and said "right then Jess, lets get started." She spent the rest of the day getting dusty and dirty as she moved things around, filling her wardrobe with her outfits, currently wearing the only one not making her have curves, her pink tracksuit that she didn't care if it got dirty or even ripped. by the time the sun set, her house looked livable. in fact, she had been so efficient that she was completely unpacked.

without even eating she passed out fully clothed onto her king sized bed and slept through the night.

in the morning she pondered what to do, sipping her coffee, already dressed in a tight black skirt and figure hugging top, her special bra with gel padding giving her a nice chest and the skirt and top worked to give her curves, almost like a corset. it was tight but that was the price she paid to stop being mistaken for a little girl. sometimes she wondered if she shouldn't have gotten her special area lasered so that hair wouldn't grow down there, but guys liked it smooth.

after her late breakfast she decided that as it was a nice day she would go out somewhere...
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