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a teen with an unusual condition tries to make it through the day, will he survive?

a teen with an unusual condition tries to make it through the day, will he survive?

This is an interactive story containing 790 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This story is based off the Characters created by Derpatron with his permission. it is five years after the events of his story based off one of the story threads i took a liking to the most.

You are 14 year-old Jack Harper. You were born with a squishy, putty-like body. While this makes you practically immortal, it also means you're extremely weak, constantly getting squashed and flattened by almost everything. Things really started getting bad when you started school, after which your mother pulled you out the first chance she got. You seem to be able to take an awful lot of punishment. Getting smooshed doesn't really hurt you. In fact, you could be melted into a puddle and still be fine. You still hate it nonetheless. You're kind of a geek, often studying on the internet and playing video games. You're almost exactly three feet tall, black hair, and tan skin. You like wearing funny or "awesome" shirts, even though no one usually sees them. Being sheltered most of your life, you don't really know how normal people are supposed to act and often get yourself in trouble. You seem to have stopped growing and you seem to age slower

Trish Harper - 46. Your mother. You and her are pretty close, especially after your father left. She's sort of cheap and a bit scatterbrained. She home schools you and often takes you to work with her. She's very attractive, though with a bit of extra weight in her rear. She's of average height with sandy blonde hair and lightly tanned skin.

Katrina "Kat" Harper - 18. Your tomboyish older cousin who lives in a rural area on the other side of town. You often go over to her house during the summer and help her and your aunt and uncle with their animals. You've had a pretty good relationship with her ever since you were very little. She seems to have a desire to toughen you up, often allowing you to do things that would normally make your mother freak out.

Andrew Morrison - 13. An annoying, but friendly neighbor boy. He's been your best friend since your mother pulled you out of school. His mother doesn't pay much attention to him, so your mom has taken it upon herself to make him your unofficial brother. He often teases you, but he knows where to draw the line (sometimes). He knows about your condition and tries to help your mom out, sometimes too much.

Barbara Morrison - 45. Andrew's neglectful mother and an old friend of Trish's. While she's very attractive, going through great lengths to maintain her body, she's also not very nice to you. She hasn't put you in danger herself (yet) but she goes out of her way to mock you when she find you in these situations.

Stephan "Stevie" Morrison - 9. Andrew's little brother. Stevie's kind of a brat but at least he has grown out of eating you now. While Barbara pays little attention to Andrew, she practically spoils Stevie. (The relationship between Jack, Andrew, and Stevie may change depending on the storyline.)

Ashley "Ash" Parker - 20. Andrew's cousin. You had a pretty horrible encounter with him one Halloween, but he made things right soon after. He seems pretty cool to you, but you still aren't sure of what to think of him. He often babysits his cousins.

Marilynn "Mary" Evans - 13. Jack's Girlfriend. they met at the water park five years ago when she accidentally landed on him. she thought he was cute and sweet and after hanging out she became his first girlfriend. they have been together since. she loves Jack, even though she got taller and he didn't. she loves to play with him and squish him in differant ways, but when it's Mary, Jack doesn't mind.

Garfield "Gary" Evans - 13. Mary's twin brother. he introduced Jack to Mary when he tried to bully Jack before Mary came out a water slide and hit him in the face feet first as she landed on Jack. he loves to mess with Jack, though he knows he cant do anything perminant as his Sister would kill him if he did anything really bad to Jack.


No one sentence chapters. If it's a bridge chapter, that's understandable, but try to limit them.

Jack can't die, so don't do it.

Use proper spelling and punctuation. Make it readable.

Anything else goes.

"Edit 2/17/21 over some discussions with fellow writers I believe it would be best to remove and prohibit male interaction as well as any explicit interaction with children of a very young age. Nothing against people who like that stuff, but if you wish to write said chapters I can refer you to Derpatrons squishy boy: https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/2202381-A-Squishy-Boy-reb...

New Rules:
No male on male content, aside from gary setting him up for a prank etc
No sexually explicit content, the characters are teenagers.
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