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by Yote
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Chapter 2

A family

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The Father, George Brooks - hard worked and underpaid, last year he took out a high interest loan from the Bureau to buy his wife a birthday gift - several thousand units of beauty, upgrading her from a mousy woman to a gorgeous MILF overnight. Alas, the present hasn't entirely gone to plan, and now he is kept awake at night by the thought that she has eyes for other, more virile men, not to mention the financial trouble he is in paying back the loan. Had a vasectomy after their second child.

The Mother, Winifred Brooks - once a mousy housewife, Winifred received a gift of Beauty from her husband on her 43rd birthday, converting her into a stunning MILF. Alas, what she truly wanted was a little more Youth. As menopause looms on the horizon, Winifred longs for another baby before it is too late, something that her vasectomied husband cannot provide. With a newfound self-confidence, her eyes have begun to drift to younger men.

The Son, Michael Brooks - a introverted, geeky teenage boy, Michael wants nothing more than to play his videogames and hang out with his new girlfriend, Katy Owen
         - Katy Owen, - a quiet, pretty girl around Michael's age, she has been dating Michael for several weeks, though they have yet progressed from hand-holding. She often wishes her boyfriend took the initiative a little more often.

The Daughter, Jane Brooks - an outgoing, sporty girl, Jane loves nothing more than being the center of attention.
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