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For the buying, selling, and investing of body parts and attributes! Here for every body!
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Chapter 2

Welcome to the Collections Department

    by: Clockworange   More by this author
Let's expand our choices here. The Bureau de Change has many positions in its "Special Assets Group," and collections is an ongoing activity. Who are you?

Heather Smith (age 26, 5'5'', 120 pounds, American) — Though her official title is "Senior Collections Officer," she's really more of a bounty hunter. Some customers are unwilling to settle their debts and go to great lengths to avoid repayment. Her job is to find those customers and use any means necessary to recover the Bureau's loaned attributes.

Ranjit Chandrasekhar (age 27, 5'11'', 185 pounds, Indian) — More of a contractor than a salaried employee, he is an office worker tasked with sending out notices and judgments to customers. For customers located in rural areas, he must make personal visits. He's willing to bring customers current on their loans or forgive their debts entirely... at a price.

Sam Drummond (age 50, 6'1'', 230 pounds, English) — Legal expert in owning, holding, and disposing of Bureau-owned corporeal estate. If customers severely erode their borrowed attributes to the point of little salvage value, such as by doing drugs or dying unnaturally, the law allows the Bureau to take custody of their body. He uses forensics and the law to harvest bodies in this brave new world.

Kim Harris (age 29, 5'8'', 150 pounds, English) — More of a loan officer than a collections agent, she makes loans to "high risk" customers who are not expected to repay their debts. These collateral-based loans, often made with little forethought by the customer, help the Bureau to obtain rare and trendy attributes.

Or perhaps you are someone else in a different department?

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