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by Derpus
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2010080
Follow the lives of two malleable kids through various parts of their lives.
Chapter 1

Choosing a starter

    by: Mataku   More by this author
Here you'll pick from 4 options.

The option to play as Jake Skylily while he is noticed throughout his putty life. And the path where he isn't noticed

Or the same, but with Ginny Tatcher!

Quick Notes:

These two are made of putty instead of goo/gum like my bud Derpatron's other characters, so they're a fair bit sturdier then the Gooey Kids.

They're easily moldable and squishable, able to flatten out nicely and can pop right back given enough time, but unlike the gooey kids they get hard and brittle in the heat and the cold doesn't really bother them too much.

They're also both functionally immortal, but acids are a coin flip if they'll become a hunk of shit, or get molded into a turd and crapped out, still alive.
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