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The youngest in a family learns that she has a talent for hypnotism, and puts it to use.

The youngest in a family learns that she has a talent for hypnotism, and puts it to use.

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The Characters:

Lily Carson: 12, the youngest of the Carson family. At 5'2 with brown hair, she is an early bloomer, with C-Cup breasts and a nice, toned ass. She is your typical teenage girl as far as activities and personality goes, with the exception of her hypnotic powers. Another strange thing (albeit not as strange as the hypnosis) is her love of working out; she exercises regularly, in order to avoid becoming like Zach and their mother. She does not prefer incest, but she has no qualms with it; she is also bisexual. She attends the local middle school.

Zach Carson: 14, the middle child. He has begun to take after his mother, packing on the pounds a bit, but he is not overweight, simply chubby. He is also short for his age, at 5'3. Zach is a very loud person naturally, unable to control his speaking volume. He is also very excitable; he is the main reason the Carson household is rarely quiet. The only times he quiets down are during his computer gaming sessions; he loves to game, and can often be found in his room on his personal desktop. He is a freshman at the local high school.

Sam Carson: 17, the eldest. He is not fat, but not particularly muscled either; for all purposes, he is an average looking High School Senior who attends the local high school. He is 5'11. He devotes himself to his studies most of the time; he is wickedly smart, and currently working on his applications to several Ivy League schools. Recently, however, Lily has begun to suspect that he has a crush on her. She cannot prove it, however; he covers his tracks too well.

Melissa Carson: 45, the divorced mother of the Carson family. Standing at 5'8, she is somewhat overweight; most of the fat, however, has gone to her breasts or ass, making her look more curvy than fat. She has F-cup breasts and a large, semi-round ass; all of them jiggle around tremendously when she moves around (although bras usually prevent the breasts from jiggling). She cares deeply for all of her kids, resenting their dad who left when Lily had just been born. She is very shy, especially about her figure; she tries to cover them up as well as she can, but it is impossible to cover up all of it.

Carolyn Camus: 13, Lily's best friend. She is not as developed as Lily, with only small B-Cups and a slightly cinched waist; she adores yoga pants and pushup bras, however, giving off an appearance of being curvier than most. She is 5'0, and is in the same class as Lily. Lily has a crush on her, but nobody is aware of that due to the fact that Lily has not revealed her bisexuality.

The story:

One day, Lily decides that she has had enough of constantly being treated like the baby of the family; she decides to test out her newly discovered hypnotic powers to take over the household.


1. No vore.
2. Weight Gain is fine, but don't go too far; same with any kind of bodily expansion.
3. Add new characters as you see fit; if I see any, I'll add them into the character list.
4. Lily's powers can change people both mentally and physically, but she must hypnotize them first. She cannot simply snap her fingers and make anybody bow to her wishes (unless she placed a trigger for that, of course).
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