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  1. fading barking
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winds blow seasons in and out; life changes cause our seasons of change in ones life
Chapter 1

fading barking

    by: K. Larson   More by this author
trying to make a warm cup of tea in this house without electricity. could the lights have been switched off by the intruder? Well, there is only one way to know for sure.
Yup this means my shaking scared self will need to slip out into the drifting darkness with Billy Jo barking at a distance surely that shadow of a person is at the other end of that fading barking. Any woman this scare at 54 is downright crazy, however, there was somebody breaking into my house but my 20 gauge shotgun certainly made the point of not being welcomed.

Reloading the double barrels holding myself in check moving with false fearless strength opening the door only to realize the view was a bisk of nothingness each step became swift and
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