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What happens when the women of your office decide to use their feet to take control?

What happens when the women of your office decide to use their feet to take control?

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Most people would consider working at an office to be uneventful and mundane. Well this is no longer the case for you! In your office, you are surrounded by women who are all trying to climb the corporate ladder. Normally this wouldn't phase you, but what happens when their ambitious actions come at your expense? After all - some will literally step on you to get ahead! So who are these ladies that you work with...?

The women of your office:

21 year old petite brunette - a new girl who is fresh out of university, and believes that she is superior because of her college degree. All her life she has been given everything; now that she is working in a proper job, she believes everything should still be handed to her... God forbid she should discover a weakness about you or blackmail you, as she would literally step on you to climb the corporate ladder and would happily have you hand over opportunities to her, as you kneel at her feet and serve her like a Queen!

42 year old red head - A new manager who is incredibly sexy and has been placed in a position that most people would take most of their working lives to attain, so you're naturally jealous and a little fearful of her. She understands that in order to gain the respect of the staff that she manages she needs to "make an example" out of the first staff member who steps out of line...

30 year old blonde woman - she has been working for the business for 4 years and you think she has a crush on you... You find her kind of attractive but despite her strong advances, you've never really thought of her in a sexual way before... But if she finds out any weaknesses about you, I'm willing to bet her advances will have a much more powerful effect on you... Will you be able to resist?

26 year old blonde girl - she is your arch nemesis, your worst enemy, the ultimate bitch! Whenever there is an assignment or task at work, you always end up working against her. The hatred you feel towards her is mutual, and she would do anything to take you down for good. Lately, you have managed to come out on top during your little competitions at work; if there were to be a management position on the line, she would be a very strong candidate... What would her tactic to win be? Let's hope she doesn't know your weakness! If anybody would exploit it, it would be her!

23 year old brunette - she is one of the receptionists at the office, but unfortunately for you she happens to be Denise's best friend as well! Being the receptionist, she is pretty much the central point of all gossip in the office, so if a secret about you was out there, chances are she would find out... And you would have to do ANYTHING to convince her not to tell Denise... And it doesn't help that she can't stand you!

24 year old red head - another receptionist who works inside the nucleus of office gossip, however this one just so happens to be your friend! If it wasn't for Jenny, you would have to go to Candice to get documents and stationary, and she would probably make you grovel for it! As Candice and Denise are constantly trying to convince her to join them in hating you, you are screwed if they succeed! So you want to... No, NEED to keep your friendship with Jenny strong!

34 year old brunette - She is actually the janitor, cleaning the entire office. She seems to have it in for you because Candice and Denise have told her that you said her job was pathetic and you constantly put shit on her job because she was "Just a cleaning woman". This is a lie, but unfortunately it worked and Helena hates you now. Whenever you see her she gives you a dirty look and you believe that her mission in life is to make you a slave at her feet to put you in your place... Do you secretly want that to happen? Or not?!

In this interactive story you can choose whether you have a foot fetish or a dislike for feet, then decide upon your level of experience and standing within the office workplace: whether you are a manager, established for several years, or the new guy!

Check out more of my work here: Vincanity  

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~Please use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
~Only women are allowed to go barefoot
~Write in second person (you - not I/he etc.) Tense is not so important to be honest!
~No toilet, scat, vore, extreme gore, death or shrinking please
~No ending chapters - any that are added will be removed!
~Please make sure chapters are at least 1500 characters in length, though the occasional 'choice' chapter is fine.
~Please do not introduce any new characters. If you do want to, message me first!

The more detailed your chapters the better! I will give GPs to good additions and will add to your stories in return - just let me know which ones!

Have fun! Now, time to enter the office...
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